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Kissing Moments – H2O: Just Add Water

The H2O-Girls are in love ❤ The best kissing moments of all girls!

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  1. Cleo & Lewis, Rikki & Zane, Bella & Will and Emma & Ash will remain etched in my heart. Barely 11 years have passed, and yet, I can not imagine a future without H2o; JAW or Mako Mermaid. These series will remain being watched, somewhere on this world!

  2. Ricordi Unboxing

    From favorite to least  1. Emma & Ash  2. Cleo & Lewis  3. Rikki & Zane  4. Bella & Will

  3. What, no Lewis and Charlotte moments??? lol

  4. Mofetoluwa AKINPELU

    Bella and Will

  5. Bella and Will

  6. The nostalgia is real here

  7. name of the Song?

  8. I really miss this guys

  9. Cleo ❤ Lewis


  11. what is the name of the song???

  12. cleo and Lewis was so cute also also so heartbreaking ❤

  13. Cleo and lewis forever


  15. this song 😢😢😢
    so sad and beautifull

  16. i love h2o

  17. H20 Just add water

    Bella and will

  18. Ashlyn Plays it

    I don't like Bella

  19. Ashlyn Plays it

    Knowing that they are all 27/28 yrs old makes me upset

  20. I can not believe how the years have passed, this series has been and remains the series of my childhood 🙁
    I love you Phoebe Tonkin!

  21. Why are you being gay

  22. Michaela Jackson

    Rikki and Will.💙

  23. Ashlyn Plays it

    This will always be the best show of al times…. I'm already 14 and I still love this show…. great actors/actresses…. AMAZING show

  24. Ashlyn Plays it

    I love this show still

  25. H2O – Plötzlich Meerjungfrau

    Clewis <3

  26. bella and will💙💙

  27. Cleo and lewis for ever and ever !!!!

  28. ABGlitter Star12

    am I the only one who hates rikki and zane together? (zikki)

  29. Can you do tail/water transformations next?

  30. Tears…. Why 🙁

  31. Cleo and Lewis ♥

  32. 4th

  33. nostalgia

  34. Rebeca Valendolf


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