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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. i am crazy for her..

  2. the best acting I've ever seen, ilove Korean drama

  3. gosh love her so much! die hard fan here!

  4. I love dis movie so much

  5. I love dis movie so much

  6. Anyone tell me the song name. Thanks

  7. nice drama i love it so cute the hero 👌👌👌👌👌👌🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. No hate on Lee Min Ho but right there is CHEMISTRY!!!

  9. quennie macapagal

    have a real forever how to inlove this actress in a handsome alien

  10. i love this drama very muchhhhhh

  11. did you know that the girl cheong song yi is also in legend of the blue sea her partner in LOTBS is lee min hoo

  12. Hannah Geibriel Ricomano

    I love this couple.bestdramaever

  13. Hannah Geibriel Ricomano

    I love this couple.bestdramaever

  14. she is crazy & amazing

  15. Kenneth Dwyne Magboo

    can upload 31.1/4 to41.

  16. awesome really Beautiful girl

  17. my favorite drama

  18. love this drama sooo much…
    doh min jun and chaun song yi😘😘

  19. this is my all time fab drama

  20. Kathrina Lacerna

    Love the et moment hahahaha

  21. 5:49 episode number?

  22. haha love this so much

  23. Marytopia chaeki

    my love from the star pero yung kanta pang moon embracing the sun wew I love that song

  24. tell me dream name plz…

  25. Wow grabe ang ganda.lage kong inuulit ulit panuorin di aq nagsasawa dhil nkakatwa ..ang cute ni kim so hyun ang galing nman magpatawa ni jun ji hyun

  26. kaibigan nya pala dto yung asawa ni goo hye sun.

  27. Her singing and her drunk acting 😄😄😄

  28. Ashley Jane Bulan

    Nakakaiyak sya but at the same time matatawa ka! para aq lokarit minsan npapalakas tawa ko hahaha galing tlg director neto..tnx po

  29. Catleen delfinado

    Kilig at tawa much

  30. Crystalbel Cabahug

    this is so funny hahahaha

  31. Love her acting!😍😍😍

  32. OMG…Kim Soon Hyun…i'm watching the drama now! 🙂

  33. ketawa lihatt fillm nie habis ciuman langsung meriang..

  34. GEEZ HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. i love this show so muuuucccchhhhh!!!

  36. super kilig ako sa knila dalawa gwapo kim soo hyun

  37. camille reyes P.

    i missed them really bad 😭😭😭

  38. Roseller Yapkolin

    Julian San Jose

  39. 😂😂 mợ nhây quá

  40. kyyaaaa

  41. Kathleen Pablico

    bakit yung kanta sa moon embracing the sun?

  42. This actress is officially crazy I love her

  43. Kyaaahhh this video is amazing!!!Ahhahaha nakakatawaaa at ang cute nilaa

  44. this drama million way better than LOTBS..gianna also look healthy and pretty here..

  45. ella encantadora. y adorable sassy el tan sexi guapo. besable etc

  46. Ate pinoy ka pala! Hi!

  47. haloenanibabylon

    nakakamiss pagiging adik ko dito…

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