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  1. so beautifull

  2. Last one is a legend lol

  3. 4:33 the guy with glasses is totally me in life! Forever alone..!!!

  4. Martina Moscoloni

    Omg!! at the minute 4:37 we are micky of unbreakable kimmy schmidt


    the bears lol

  6. I, Donald Trump want 10.000 Subscribers

    1:35 lol skip

  7. hola I'm espaÑola

  8. 0.22 😍😍

  9. Salma / サルマ

    The girl at 1:48 is so adorable!

  10. Andrian Permana

    so many love on there

  11. we need a sex cam Kappa😂😂🔫🔫

  12. 4:15 good on ya champ

  13. Im pretty sure 2:38 was bro and sister they look alike

  14. Fluffy Sparkles

    Omg I didn't even realize One Direction's Kiss You is here! Omg I'm fangirling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It's my daughter xDDD

  16. Rave The Legend

    1:51 cm punk

  17. this is the reason why i always cover my right eye cuz the other one is blind

  18. Minuto 5:06 😂 pobre chico 😓

  19. 0:25 that girl is cute

  20. wheres the Blow Job??

  21. LMAO

  22. Lol my grandparents are there……… .-.

  23. Welcome to the YouTube Rabbit Hole

  24. Lorena Jezabel Vasquez Chaura

    kiss you ♡

  25. Seems kinda weird that they have a camera dedicated to watching people kiss. I understand the whole idea on how it's romantic and stuff but if you think about it, it seems kinda creepy.

  26. @5.30 u can hear one direction kiss you. ….😍😘😙😗😚😂

  27. Skully The Angel Dragon

    i like watching people kiss because it reminds me im a lonely ass lesbian.


  29. kiss me please

  30. Jessica Meadows

    People: Kiss cam!!
    Me beside my crush: oh hey I see we're on kiss cam your the only boy beside me ❤️
    Boy right beside me with pimples weird teeth: Am right here baby
    Me: 🙄🤢

  31. Miss Lapis Lazuli

    single one do not watch this😢 believe me

  32. Bloopers are fails. You dumb.

  33. 1.34 the guy at the top though

  34. 1:32 The guy behind the two kissing lmao 😂😂

  35. LOL looks like some guys are looking for the kiss cam so they can attack their women .

  36. 1:03 Lopez Obrador estas presente hahaha solo pocos entenderan

  37. Rezalyn Labigan

    I like the last part guy vs beer hhhhhhh

  38. just take your crush with you on one of these.

  39. OMG the last one was so rude! Poor girl!

  40. Darkvoid Player

    If kiss cam landed on I would be like "HELL NO I DONT WANT HERPES"

  41. I'm so alone

  42. 5:48!!! Classic 👍

  43. meaningless words

    at 5:07 even the kids kissed

  44. can someone tell me where is this place

  45. i though this was kiss cam fails…

  46. Gijs van de Pol

    1:40 just for laughs guy?

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