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Kadie Elder – First Time He Kissed a Boy [Official Music Video]

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Official video for Kadie Elder “First Time He Kissed A Boy” released 2014 by A:larm Music.

Songwriters: Morten Kærup Hjort and Anders Rask
Musicproducers: Morten Kærup Hjort and Søren Vestergaard

Directed by: Elias Munk
Camera/Editing/Color Grading: Mathias Tegtmeier
Assistant Camera: Thomas Dyrholm
Production Assistant: Michelle Dewaal
Make-up Artist: Susana Flores
Actors: Max Levin Kugler, Lasse Jensen, Marcus Smith Baunsgaard and Anna Sophie Conradsen.

Financial support from KODA and DMFF


Troubled face
Headphones on
Forgetting time and place
all he wanted

Feeling stuck
Set him free
Running out of luck
on his knees

First time he kissed a boy
He had never never known
cover up is what they told
Feel so cold

First time he kissed a boy
He had never never loved
walks on a curvy road
Feel so cold

Keeping back
the ghost inside
Locked him in a pack
all his life
all his life

First time he kissed a boy
He had never never known
cover up is what they told
Feel so cold

First time he kissed a boy
He had never never loved
walks on a curvy road
Feel so cold

Get lost, get lost, get lost
Get lost get lost, get lost

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  1. xFʟσωєяDσɢ✿


  2. Avocados Are Cool

    If aesthetic tumblr was a music video

  3. You all are going to go to hell. Unless you repent and accept Jesus into your heart. Don't believe? You'll wish u did when ur burning for eternity.

  4. this is so cute….

  5. this goose to my bf Nathan James booth

  6. não me canso nunca de ouvir essa música

  7. That's wrong. smoking is bad for you

  8. The End lol

  9. rewardednumber 4

    I love how everything is so pastel❤️

  10. i love the music, especially the key and orchestration. good dance piece.

  11. wow 7u7

  12. Oh Dios pero que hermoso!:'3❤

  13. and thanks to this video and song (and a couple others) i found out that it's okay to like the same gender :')

  14. This is my favourite video in the world.

  15. As far as I know God wants me to love every one, not just every one like me. I'm straight, I believe in God and I don't think He dislikes being gay, but I do think it hurts him when we spread hate and intolerance in His name. Love is love and I love love. 🙂

  16. this song is amazing. I've listened to it about 20 times this morning. The melody line is so addictive. nice one.

  17. i've repeated this a million times and i only found it yesterday….. 😛

  18. hey I love the video

  19. the close up on his Adams apple, dammmmmmnmnnn, I dont know about you but, that just, like, damn

  20. I am high key obsessed with this video and song

  21. Juliana Silveira


  22. Emii Is madly in love with Josh Dun oh my gawd.

    Two things:
    1: his shorts are too short.

  23. Geovanna Toshino

    Everytime i listen and watch it, its like the first time, i love it 🙂

  24. Jason Ace Tambalong

    its like a Fashion ad, they all look so beautiful, love the colors and the outfits

  25. When someone insults a gay person, everyone yells.

    But when a kid gets raped, nobody cares cuz it's just a kid HAHHAHA.

  26. Аида Магомедова

    omg!omg!that coll??

  27. That girl looked so confused on so many levels

  28. IronicAppreciation

    this is adorable, but for once, just once, i wish that the straight people didn't ruin it
    stop haranguing the idea that gay people and straight people can't get along

  29. soft aesthetic boys end me

  30. i love everything about this

  31. que clipe amorzinho ?

  32. Karolina braimovit

    jesus is coming back

  33. Chantilly Rosalie

    This entire video i was like 'Now kisssssss"

  34. Who's watching in 2017?

  35. ppl are stupid and hate whatever they don't understand…are cowards and have fear of admit that too. life is too short and precious to waste time with ppl like these! beside why you look videos like this if your aren't a little open minded?love is love, now always and forever!

  36. Mora Africano Camilo Andres

    I don't know you guys but this hipper kind of melody makes me feel weak!, I try to listen other songs but naa its like almost every band from today's music has this kind of "melody"… that's rare, I guess its true that music has been demoralized by popularity. since I haven't heart anything original, like in the 90' popular music was from backstreet boys pop, nirvana rock, 2pac rap, cypress hill hip hop, Brittney spears pop, and guess what every one knows those groups back then… but this ??? this is like marron 5 or coldplay, like almost everything, electronic music is the only one that its giving some hope. sad but true
    🙁 metallica

  37. Nelli Petshop Tissari

    too young boys to being gay


  39. Love it !!! Love the song, Love the video!!! <3

  40. does anybody have a good spanish translation? all the spanish translations are wrong XDD// alguien tiene una buena traduccion al español? todas las que encuentro son erroneas lol

  41. this is the most aesthetically pleasing video

  42. one of them looks so much like newt ahhh I'm in love

  43. Is this also the singer of Haevn – Bright Lights (Sam Felft remix)?? They sound so much alike!

  44. rewatching again. beautiful music, beautiful video.

  45. Man I'm gay??, anyone support me??

  46. The Chainsmokers – Paris

  47. the music like ….

    The Chainsmokers – Paris

  48. First time she kissed a girl

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