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Jerika Kisses // Jake Paul Erika Costell

A highly requested video…This is a compilation of Jake and Erika kissing from the vlogs.

Bean Boozled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSdxaMRPL7M
Jerika Cute Moments Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWoV6a0k_HE
Jerika Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEiWkYf_Pmc

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  1. Love you team 10

  2. 🤑😜😀😄🤗😝🙂😅🤗😝😄🍔💩💩💩💩😛😛😛😃😃😉😉😋💦🌪🌪🌊☂🌬🌬⛄️

  3. What the heck why is the video backwards the car was suppose to be on the right and they were suppose to put Jake in there and aunt Lauren was suppose to also be on the right 😂😂 what the heck?


  5. Nayeli_Soccer Barajas

    They r so cute !!!

  6. 5:51 ? for erika and jakes vlog

  7. 6:19 is my favorite part😂😂❤️

  8. Kendyldaunicorn 27

    Jake:I could never stay mad at you
    Erika:I'll make it up to you
    Erika:I'll figure it out

    We all know what happened later that night

  9. It's backwards

  10. I. Watch. Jake

  11. literally only see this video because I want to laugh because is so fake 😂😂😂

  12. Rosanna Gabrielle Fidros

    Ew Erika sucks. And Jake cums fast like the furious.

  13. Everything is backwards

  14. Nick should not have put his hand there

  15. Fake love so disgusting.

  16. Is jerika real

  17. Did anybody else notice that the screen was backwards

  18. How ya ex look better then your current girl?

  19. 💗😍*

  20. Sorry this is backwards guys. I was playing with the settings and forgot to change it back.

  21. Why is this backwards

  22. the team 10 house looks cool backwards

  23. Why is it backwards

  24. There's no sides 😂😂😂… why is this backwards

  25. Why is it backwards

  26. why is this in my recomended?

  27. Why is it backwards

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