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  1. BELLA I WILL KILL YOU!!!EDWARD ASKED YOU TO MERRY HIM AND YOU JUST KISS JAKE!!!( Edward is prettier than Jake anyway)

  2. she is cheating on Edward with Jacob.

  3. pokemon lover101 Castillo

    WHAT THE FUK Jacob bell's with Edward dum ass ?????????????????????????? I'M SO MAD but Jacob is hot sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo???????

  4. Oh, Edward is going to be mad!

  5. Faded shadow Pack

    Why why can't Bella be with Jacob I mean best couple ever!!!

  6. Edward new that it was for him to not leave bella

  7. Jake kisses so much better then Edward. Team Jacob! Forever!!!!

  8. Yarely Hernandez

    I hope you do not get mad at mi????????

  9. Yarely Hernandez

    ezgi ther just acting??????

  10. Yarely Hernandez

    Same Samantha Savin??????

  11. Elizabeth Bradshaw

    you are cool jacob

  12. I realized that in this scene Jacobs skin looks flawless??

  13. Cosmic Kitty The Galaxy

    you could tell she was enjoying it

  14. Dude Bella its so werid she. kissing 2 boys wtf

  15. Jacob: I should've been her first kiss


  16. TheSnowStarCrystal

    Im watching this and as Im doing so Im thinking, 'It must be so awkward filming all these kissing scenes with literally everyone watching their every move…' XD

  17. aawww shitt

  18. water traner kitcheayn

    Bella is better with jacod

  19. bella is suck a player but i wish jake and bella stayed togethet

  20. BELLA!!!!! WHAT THE HELL R U DOING?!?!?! also I hate Jacob. Idk why.

  21. Im still confused Bella you're marrying Edward why the fuck are you kissing Jacob?!
    Even though that was a good ass kiss still

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