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  1. They are like 14 years old though?! I am so confused

  2. p.s this is funny


  4. What is it with vomiting and water……

  5. Curlyheadcutie Izzy

    The cutest bromance ever

  6. Celica Cerros Infante

    Jack have girlfriend now, Ellie 💔 Fack is over

  7. fuckkkkk #fack is so real and i'm sad bc they're BOTH HOT AS FUCK AND UGH

  8. Where can I find the full interview??

  9. what song is that ( 0:410:48) ? HELP!!!

  10. What's the music?

  11. millie is so shook rn

  12. There was an IT ad before the video 😂

  13. 내 피 땀 우유

    If yall haters dont like this then fuck off why are you here lol

  14. They are so cuteee 💖

  15. Finns gay??Dammnit not another one

  16. Lmao I made the video of Wyatt saying "I'm gay"

  17. I love Jack Dylan.

  18. My eyes are the gay detectors and they are going mad looking at FACK but it's so cute 😍 and I wonder do they see any of these vids and get annoyed or happy ?

  19. 0:31 😂😂😂😂💞


  21. My gaydar is going crazy over Finn & Jack.

  22. "I would kiss Finn, I have kissed Finn…"

  23. No need to be rude but stop jack's not gay 😒

  24. There under the age of 18 you fucking creep

  25. Why are you making these KIDS gay ????

  26. R they gay?

  27. Stranger things is love, it is life.

  28. Who else just watched the first part over and over again and like almost cried

  29. I love them

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