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Isak & Even //From start to last episode// SKAM NRK //EVAK forever (Kissing you – Des`ree)

All moments with Isak and Even. From the first look to the last look at the christmas party. EVAK forever!! Pictures from NRK and music by Des`ree coverd by Jesse Mount. A tribut to SKAM and the actors. This is damn good!! Please….SHARE 😀

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  1. they're so fucking cute ahhhh I'M CRYING

  2. I haven't seen one episode of skam but I have at least watched 50 videos of Evan and Isak

  3. YouDon'tKnow MEH

    Can someone please recommend movies/series like this? But like only focusing on the main couple! And please, with happy endings!! Anyway, this video is awesome thanks a lot <3

  4. Ficam bem

  5. блять,я русская,какого хуя я тут делаю? :'D

  6. 3:51 you can't act that believable, literally no way you can be THAT comfortable with someone you don't have feelings for, just can't believe this 😩😬

  7. They remind me of ian and mikey from shameless..Ian is a bipolar too..😢

  8. I Need skam in german 🙁

  9. e l l a ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Tf is he writing?!😂

  10. e l l a ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    I ship them so much but I don't even watch skam.

  11. I'M CRYING SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. I ❤️ SKAM

    (only the gay one)

  13. Is it just me or does Henrik sort of looks like Troye Sivan in some scenes? I don't watch show but I ship them so much!

  14. Thank you for doing this.

  15. I haven't watches this program bit I'm crying my eyes out just by watching this

  16. Jesus christ, no wonder people can't shut the hell up about them. I'm like totally head over heels in love and I'm only 4 minutes in. Totally lost it at the bike-ride thing; I did that with one of my exes before we shared our first kiss! * __ *

  17. Isak e Even . Meu coração suspira diante do amor de vocês dois❤❤

  18. I wish my life was this romantic

  19. I love to check on all of the comments. i just finished their season. its awesome reallyyyyy

  20. And I'm here for the gay

  21. What season does the isak and Evan start because so far it's just Eva and jonas

  22. Destiny Rodriguez


  23. Amy Nicole Robiou Rosario


  24. fantastic

  25. I don't even know how to explain it, but I keep coming back to this. I feel like Skam is so special because it is deep without trying to be, and just so pure in a way

  26. Anyhow gay love stories have often (I would like to say always cause it feels like it to me) this sad overtone.
    Just give me a real "happy ending" once in a while!

  27. Oh my God that is awesome thank you thank you

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