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How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time

http://how2getagirlfriend.org How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time. Learn the attraction secrets of how to talk to a girl you like. Learn what to say, how to keep the conversation flowing and how to get a girl’s number

In this video I show you step by step exactly how to talk to a girl.
When you see a girl you like the first thing you need to do is go up to her and say hi. Once you start talking to the girl you like, you must make sure the conversation goes smoothly.

In this video you will see how to easily hold a conversation with a girl you have just met. Through being lighthearted, playful and flirtatious, you will be able to create attraction with her.

Once you have been talking to a girl for a while you can ask her out on a date. As long as the conversation has gone well, she will usually accept your offer and give you her number

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  1. this is great but i can never get out of shyness when it comes down to girls

  2. The music is cool… She is elegant. And you are good at speaking man! Love you all 🙂 Peace at home and peace in the World. Lets love and respect!

  3. the fact i came to talk to you is because i want to stick my dick inside u…she will love how honest you are.

  4. Instructions unclear, got my dick stuck in a ceiling fan

  5. i get rejected by girls every week i say helllo and they just stare at me so when he says it hardly happens BULLSHIT

  6. the first scenario happens a lot and lot

  7. Mark Lawrence Dizon

    talking to a girl you like for the 1st time is harder than public speaking that you're not prepared.

  8. so i have a gril that i love so i well meet her tomorrw and i will speak to him that i love him. is that correct

  9. شيخا شيخو

    All of them react bad when i talk to them im not ugly but i look younger than my real age

  10. damn dats a real talk man

  11. Ok, guys. Please listen 🙂 to me. Because I am a girl and a hot one. 😀 how to get a girl? What is the first thing we notice? Eyes, hehehe. If you wear glasses- even better!!!! Walk up straight or sit straight. Look confident- that is super sexy. Look around the room and make your eyes stop on the girl you like .. wait until she looks back ( we can feel if you look) and then just smile. Look away ( I know I know this is stupid, but it is better to stay away at first. )and then look again. And smile. Turn away, after a while look at her again and smile. If she starts smiling or blushing or shivering- she likes you and waits for you to approach her. Go for it. Say "hi. Can I sit next to you? " or whatever the scenario is.. get the ball rolling with random questions and make eye contact. If she says .. I have a boyfriend then she is probably just a good girl, but she liked you ! So give yourself a pat or whatever you have to. Don't compliment her, this is creepy. But if you can get up and walk up to her then we really appreciate it , you know. And do it when a girl is alone!!! If they are with their friends (unless it is a club) it is likely she will turn you down, because she won't leave her gf-s. Smell good, dress politely and have a big shiny white smile. No problems . Really. Be more of a buddy not a creepy flirty type because then we will just think you want to get to our pants (which you do, but don't be so obvious about it 😀 )

  12. great one videos

  13. how to have a girl 101

  14. he's voice like john cena

  15. Shut up and let the video do the talking……..

  16. Nell Mark Lapu-ag

    what if she just want to test you, if you're serious.

  17. Brandon Waggoner

    My best advice is. Do your thing, be nice/friendly, you don't have to do what other guys does. Think of it like this. They are talking to them in a way where they had to spend 'time together to understand' when the other one is joking. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, and talk about yourself. Give your honest opinion. Truth leads to better jokes. Don't lie. Lying isn't right. You are looking to build trust. Think of this. You want a female you can trust, that will have your back at anything. Be respectful of space, and saying hi doesn't hurt. Girls love to hear & feel like they mean something to you. Most girls like respectful, funny guys who can be real about anything. I'm not to sure on the physical part yet. I haven't gotten that far, but on a plus side i have 3 sexy women i can call friends, because i was patient to have a real conversation with them. The 1st one i am in love with, but it's thanks to her beautiful soul, and beautiful baby girl she saw something in me she likes. I feel terrible because i keep telling her i will come over, and spend time with her. If anyone was in my shoes, and coming off 2 previous women that glorified me as a stalker. Forgive me but this part is hard to say, and i can not finish this because i don't know what to say there. It's just she is the 1st girl to really accept me. Please be respectful, and no shitty replies. I'm pouring my heart to men that have to use words to women on account their looks aren't getting them anywhere. Speaking of that. You would be surpised how many women think you are really cute at 1st sight! It gets really easier once you meet that 1st girl. You don't have to try as hard, and you really say what's on your mind a lot more. At 1st you might think "oh man i wish i could've been this way with my 1st. You have to remember, that woman talking to you, just got to know you better than your 1st, and what she is doing different is she is adding to your personality. So for future women you know how to handle yourself better. I feel complete, but i want to be with my 1st, and honestly the story of us is kinda a cliffhanger. I don't know what is going to happen IF we see each other again. I recently prayed too god if it ever came down to it taking one of us. I asked to be taken 1st, and if i had only 1 wish, it would be for her, and her baby girl to be happy. She made me happy that i know who Brandon is as a person. It's only a fair trade. Trust me she keeps asking me why i never come over more often. I haven't made myself clear with her on being called a stalker by Veronica, and Meghan. It's hard having to share sad stories with, but they are going to be sweet, and nice to you because you have the courage to talk about things like that, and real problems. They want to help you because they want to feel like a good friend about themselves, and that's exactly what you want! Women are likely going to be more sweeter, and helpful too you, over guys anyday. Guys lie, and get jealous easily. Exception there are good men out there, that don't talk a lot shit. (gossiping is normal, just be careful who you gossip about to who) last chick i became laughing buddies with, and everything i told her, she went ahead and blabbed about it, but she had good intentions. She's awesome! Just she is such a positive person that everything she talks about is meant to come out sounding good! Like she was trying to be a good friend to me. She did a lot for me too, fed me, drove me, bought me stuff. She's radical! Take Princess Jasmine from Disney, imagine if she was real. That's her! She's my 2nd gal pal. Women love it too if you show kindness too other women as well. It works. I worked with 2 over 45 year olds, and was laughing my ass off. It got the attention of the whole floor, and the 2 hottest women their. One i'm talking to now at work is straight out of mexico. She's really sweet, nice, and tries to be funny. She' cool! We just got to know each other today, only been working there for 3 weeks. It was at a point, be a nice sweet woman's friend, or be a jackass like the guy (who is fucking lazy btw!) training me. Anyone that might ask about the 1st girl. The reason i don't spend time with her is because, i'm trying to get myself taken care of so i can take care of her better, and the way she, and her daughter should be taken care of. Well i just poured my heart out, and i feel crazy about. Goodnight!

  18. Or you can just go up to her and say "I'm a pilot"😏

  19. Rock out with your cock out!

  20. I can be relaxed. But I have a hard time being "playful". Many times I just don't have anything that I really WANT to say. So, I start saying whatever comes to my head. I try to compensate for her not saying anything and it doesn't end up well because I feel obligated just to say something when really I have nothing important to say other than how I feel about her. Like you, I am an introvert, but small talk is my kryptonite. For me, small talk becomes easier when I truly trust the other person and I know how they are. When the woman is a stranger, I don't have that trust (or "rapport")that I need to open up. Its hard because I'm seeking to build rapport with her, yet I would like some from her too. There have been times when I try to make small talk, but I have been told that I am "too deep". Maybe this is because I'd rather know WHY she's doing what she's doing rather than just what she's doing. Sometimes idk how to play it off..

  21. What about # 4 girl type lol. You know the girl that's friendly at first but insults you with a corky smile waiting for the insult that crushes your confidence, or the girl who's just friendly but not at all interested in you as a potential date. Then after sticking your foot in your mouth you've empowered her and less yourself. I live in north California,girls can be mean!
    Dealing with rejection can set us recluse people back to the cave, for a lifetime of being single. Why can't women come up to us ? It happens at times but not nearly enough.

  22. its real hard for me as well because most girls attracted by your appearence….good face well builded up and so many thing that involved with attraction..so myself i have no good looks especially face so whenever i try i got rejected or they dont even answer me when i greet them so i give up…..if something doesnt work you stop…and then thinking positive about it.

  23. most of the times i dont even think about it, it just happens just come as you are and be yourself.

  24. most of the time girls are very friendly' not to me xD

  25. I cringe everytime you pronounce any word beginning with a P…

  26. this helps a lot but I'm going g to watch more of these to know how to do it good

  27. this just explained the EPIC FAIL I had just 1-2 hours ago.

  28. I feel like such a loser watching these videos

  29. Lithuanian Warrior


  30. nice one I appreciate

  31. I went up to a girl I said hi and she gave me a dumb look and walked away I'm chick repellent and it sucks

  32. Your shirt is inside out

  33. Thank you jad


    this always happens to me

  35. is it just me or anyone else feels that she doesn't have … 7!77$

  36. I'd have maybe said hi, but only if she said it first. If I was attracted to her I'd maybe pay her a compliment. There's no way I'd consider myself a contender though, so I'd move on without having asked for her phone number and without having given her the chance to reject me.

  37. Baby does this smell like chloroform?

  38. Fábio Albuquerque

    I wish I had seen your vídeo a.couple of hours ago. It maybe would have given me the courage I needed to introduce myself. The thing is when I talk to her (she's working) she seems nice, but that may be because she's working. But the first time I saw her, I dare to say that I felt we had an instant connection. Thing is, I'm a bit shy when it comes to romance and it seems she's shy too.

  39. I thought when he said what's up in the beginning it was to the girl

  40. why do u talk like the terminator

  41. Rejected? RKO her!

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