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How to Practice for Your First Kiss

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With just a little preparation, you’ll be kissing like an old pro your first time out.

Step 1:
Make a loose fist out of your left hand and put your right thumb through the opening formed by your left index finger and thumb. The two thumbs will approximate a pair of lips.

Step 2:
With your clasped hands extended in front of you, practice moving your real lips toward the target. Tilt your head to one side as you make your approach.

Step 3:
Close your eyes just before you make contact.

Step 4:
Press your lips against your practice lips very gently at first; this will condition you not to bang a partner’s teeth when you’re kissing in real life.

Step 5:
Part your lips slightly and alternate pressure as you plant more kisses on and around your practice lips.

Step 6:
Now let your tongue probe the opening of your practice mouth just the tiniest bit.

Never jam your tongue down your partner’s throat! It’s second only to bad breath in things about kissing that gross people out.

Step 7:
Practice varying your technique. Go faster and then slower; gently and then harder. Occasionally focus on one lip at a time. Nibble their lips. Flick the tip of their tongue with yours. Basically, keep your mouth and tongue moving.

Step 8:
After you’ve been kissing your hand for a while, sniff it. If it smells bad, take steps to improve your breath before you kiss someone in real life! Daily flossing, rinsing, and brushing (including your tongue!) should do the trick.

Did You Know?
One study found that people who lean to the left when they’re kissing tend to be less available emotionally than their right-leaning counterparts.

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