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  1. How to be sexy

  2. hes so lovestruck xd

  3. Timlego Studios

    this is easy u just need to know how to move tongue

  4. Vinícius TheBookWorm

    How the hell I get in here?

  5. Ra re I got my first 😘 kiss and I'm 8 years old

  6. امولي امولي

    hi love yeu

  7. Rolls eyes in Spanish

    finally a video that show us what actually happens inside the mouth and what u do with ur tongue

  8. Meave Heart Fletcher


  9. yeah boys we nead more lesson

  10. My

  11. i followed your steps and now im rapist 🙁

  12. very sexy


    Awww the way the boy looks at the girl !! That's true love 😉💯🔥❤️

  14. عبدالمجيد الرويلي

    الوصخ مستانس 😂

  15. Hello646373 Hello646373

    Horrible vidéo de merde bonne journée

  16. Ireland forevaa

    How was your first kiss my 9 year old little girl that hadn't even gone into puberty yet .
    I'm happy for you child.

  17. song name?

  18. Maria Thamnidou


  19. talk less! Kissing slightly

  20. at 2:04 they look like aliens mating lmao

  21. арина макелько

    Ахаххахах лол 😂 обычно мы переводили их видосы! Ору.
    Lol, we always been translating American bloggers' videos! What's happened?🇷🇺🇺🇸

  22. Fuck you

  23. oml these two are goalsss

  24. Patricija Šlopšnyte

    whats the song in parts of the video?

  25. Do you know why he's got pillow on his legs??? 😀

  26. Andre de great Addictionz

    We're is idubbz when we need him

  27. I want to die.

  28. i want kiss 😢💔

  29. Not today Satan

    I have a girlfriend. I've been watching stuff this for two hours. I still have no fucking clue how to kiss her.

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  31. marina gonzalez

    Qee mierda disen ustedes qee no se les entiiendeee nii un choto

  32. lek the penes

  33. I want the other language not the English the other voice

  34. Юлиян Божидаров

    sexy ♥

  35. lucky bastard

  36. at 9

  37. insane guys

  38. Dorein Paul Emmanuel

    who the heck is translating?

  39. omy good

  40. سبونج بوب بالعربي جديد

    wtf this is my girl freind

  41. Billy Red devil

    well done de bruyne

  42. Wait what?! You had your first kiss at 9?!

  43. A KISS!!😛😛👅👅💋

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  45. Ok👍🏻👍🏻

  46. Yåssër Lîøñ

    you are very nice

  47. Please mute the other language

  48. why am I getting this crap?

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