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Today we’re talking about makin’ out 😉
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  1. I still have a hard time keeping my eyes closed for some reason unknown

  2. I just had my first kiss yesterday and now I'm over here trying to figure all this out lol


  4. Put your arms around his neck if he doesn't expect it

  5. She's sexy

  6. You're so pretty, btw. I'm gay

  7. Cringe 😂😂😂

  8. Listen Jenna, the alphabet thing is not for the lips on your face.

  9. how far is it for a 13 year old

  10. Just "made out" with my girlfriend like 10 minutes ago…you can probably tell why I'm here…😑

  11. Damn she's pretty fuckn hot


  13. How do you kiss someone for the first time???

  14. Savage Hannah Vlogs7233

    Lmao you got me dying

  15. Savage Hannah Vlogs7233

    Lmao you got me dying

  16. Yes I just had my first kiss and I don't think it was good but this really helped

  17. I did it in public with a girl and after about 15 seconds my mate turned around and said "damn this is some saucy shit better record this" and me and the girl burst out laughing

  18. All i know, this bitch is cool.

  19. Leslie The Sexy Girl

    I searched this up cause i really dont know how to make out with me bf and we did but it was cringe

  20. She kind of looks like Hannah baker

  21. "your tongues are doing things"lol

  22. The Golden Nugget 8606

    Omg this is so stupod but so good at the same time

  23. I wish i had my first kiss but it well so……………………..….……………

  24. Your makeup 😍😍

  25. I clicked cuz I saw spoby

  26. Ur so pretty! I'm not even listening, I don't need this. But she is just so pretty! It's not fair

  27. Hi I'm 10 and I have kissed a boy,is that OK??

  28. My first kiss was with my hand and i put my hand on this girl so i counted that as a kiss

  29. well all of those seem legit but i dont know what to say during make out i dont want to say something stupid but i cant say nothing anybody help?

  30. your really cute

  31. I want to kiss my boyfriend

  32. Me through all of this " kool"

  33. roaming through youtube for 6 hours and led me to this. yay

  34. awesome thanks

  35. Electra Mitchell Mayer

    Oh wow she is awesome

  36. Ivani's Girlfriend

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. 😊

  37. 666 comments

  38. jenna this helped a ton omg. thank you ❤❤❤

  39. Can I do a video on periods please

  40. Thank you!!!

  41. You are so pretty

  42. I've got an exam tomorrow what the fuck am I doing here lmao

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