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  1. Santiago Villeraldo

    damn I wanna kiss u rn queen sapharia

  2. Smh…this girl I went on a date with put on lip gloss (mid-date while we were driving around) and was lip biting, giving the look, etc…so I went for it before i dropped her off and I got a nice friendly hug instead. Nothing better than that! 😂😯😭

  3. thank u solo much.this got me 2gether with my crush(I think)I will give u a shutout in my next vid.

  4. Fuck
    My girlfriend must hate me because she shows me all these signs 😳

  5. Thanks for the edvice

  6. Thanks for the help me and my girl kissd yesterday

  7. Like I'll ever kissed a girl I haven't kissed a girl over 17 years P00R me😢

  8. trevor kleinschmidt

    you are very good lookin" ms. sapheria

  9. Great video. Your eyes r beautiful by the way

  10. Benjamin Carmine

    Instructions unclear . Dick Stuck in my ear I ended up in a lake dead, I had sex with a dinosaur and my toe fell off where did I go wrong

  11. Jermyjake Gaming

    You're pretty. 😊☺️ I hope that wasn't weird! 😬😫😥😖😶😵

  12. XGlitchGamingX -

    First time she does either one of these I'm going for it automatically

  13. kurdo rojava YPG YPJ PKK rojava ypg ypj pkk pyd

    l love you 😘😘😘

  14. this help me soo mach

  15. I cant even here you with the volume all the way up get a wireless microwphone

  16. It was a mistake to have my first kiss in a bedroom. I got her pregnant, and now that the years have gone passed I'm happily married to her and have 2 kids, but she's pregnant with #3 now.

  17. Christian Chibuike

    I'm 12, can i kiss a girl like you?

  18. my girlfriend always if we are alone she what to play whit my hear but in a kiss way

  19. you r beautifull.. i wanna kiss you. uuuummmmaaah

  20. The Drumming gamer

    I'm 11

  21. Damn you are so hot I want to kiss you

  22. wow so can I have more lessons

  23. i subscribed u because u r gorgeous

  24. Instructions unclear: I got my penis stuck into a snap mouse trap

  25. I'm twelve and I have kissed and hugged my girlfriend

  26. Mattthew The Great

    Rubbing? I only had true love for 2 days and I got her head on my shoulder and a couple hugs. It will be a long time since she RUBS me! Lmao

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