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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice ...


  1. Lol you can tell that she liked it lmao are they dating or something? They should date.

  2. Im lesbian… Make lesbian kissing videos.

  3. They seemed really awkward for some reason lmao

  4. Rabotlhoko Tlhabane

    I wouldn't wanna mess up, it seems like I am on right track 😁

  5. cringe

  6. That's the exact way my boyfriend kisses me damn that's why I thought he can't sing

  7. for some reason, I just keep imagining him fingering me😏😍👅

  8. Дженни Британ

    he looks like such a good kisser 🙂

  9. he looks like a friend omg

  10. Gru aka Enrique Garcia 2

    now I can have sexs with my

  11. Sibahle Dlamini

    honestly i wish i had her job he is so cute!!! and he's a good kisser!!!

  12. "sometimes what looks good on camera like in porns, don't act like you guys don't watch it"😂😂😂 that had me dying

  13. so does kissing with your hand since you dont have a bae count?

  14. 2:12 I heard someone say this is intense lol

  15. The first one happend to me at a disco his FLIPPIN tounge was half way down my throat before our mouths even touched😂

  16. Papadimitriou Christina

    wtf I was watching pokemon go life hacks and…how THE FUCK DID I GET IN HERE😂

  17. 😹😹

  18. They must really like kissing

  19. fuck you

  20. apparently, when my friend first kissed her boyfriend, she lost her voice for a week! XD I wonder how THAT went down.

  21. What they are thinking* do you need salt for that face because it looks tasty 😂😂

  22. Angelina Adviento

    he was ging at it

  23. Don't act like you don't watch it

  24. Dighbijoy Samaddar

    Is it me or is that guy really not funny 😀

  25. holy shit

  26. Good partner😉😉😏😏😏😏😏😎😎

  27. janies goodluck

    am so honey , when watching you guys kissing wow

  28. Full tongue kissing is so gross. When I was a lot younger, I thought the same thing but I convinced myself it's just cause I haven't fully completed puberty yet. Now I'm 19 and I still feel the same about it, YUCK!

  29. I have no life.

  30. Holy crap this is actually funny

  31. TomorrowIs2LATE

    He has a good looking tounge, though, very pinky and healthy, so it wasn't so gross at all to see and stuff…😅😂

  32. sometimes I wish the guys I've been with would have seen this video before meeting me..

  33. They are so cute 😂😍

  34. Me and my bf haven't kissed yet. & I really don't know how. 🙁

  35. He lowkey liked when she put her tongue on his lips 😂

  36. I wood kiss you in the bone and the vogino I love you

  37. ur kind of showing off
    WOW! other people kiss aswell

  38. Before I was kissing with my cat,my kissing skills were not that good,but when I was finally practicing I I I I I I I can lick the shit out of your teeth with confidence! #practicemakesperfect #neversurrender #followyourdreams #nevergiveup #hardworkbeatstalent #kissmaster2k123

  39. Blessie faye D.Ramones


  40. The lock at the end, I died

  41. am alone ……………………………..?????????????????

  42. Why would you even give this tips its just not comfortabal

  43. Dalaija Collins

    I ❣this hsow

  44. L3nnanMarshall YT

    They have so many videos and they kiss like every time like 3 times

  45. hes popin a cub

  46. lol stealing content

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