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How To Kiss With Braces – Scientifically explained

If you or your partner wears braces and wonder whether you both could make out like before then watch this video to know how kissing with braces could be scientifically done without hurting each other.

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  1. Um I had my first make-out last night and we both have braces. It didn't really effect anything, except for before the kiss I was way paranoid our hooks would link together.😂

  2. Ok someone explain to me please 😂 so you rub your tongue on your parents lips or tongue 😂😂😂

  3. friend b ugly AF!!😂😂😂

  4. you can tell the person who made this video doesn't have or have ever wore braces

  5. this vid is sooo funny😂😂😂

  6. I don't know how the fuck I got here.. I got mine off a month ago? I don't even have a fucking boyfriend.

  7. iiReckless Cookiez

    Just don't kiss with braces..


  9. Every time I kiss my bf I just do tounge and lips because we can't do regular kissing I got my tounge stuck in his damn braces once THAT HURT LIKE HELL

  10. oh no I'm on the weird side of youtube again

  11. sweetcoilykeke curls

    umm how tf did I get here n I'm still watching!

  12. marija ivans

  13. Well my braces are magnetic

  14. this is so wrong💀 you can make our and use tounge with braces. and it is impossible for you partner to cut themselves with your braces. it will feel uncomfortable but there will be not cutting or HURTING.

  15. lol why am i watching this who would kiss me

  16. I'm just here out of curiosity

  17. Uhh…don't open your mouth?

  18. Why. The. Hell. Am. I. Watching. This

  19. cool 😊

  20. this video is not true lmao

  21. He sounds like grade under a at first

  22. Does anyone else get shivers when they slide metal against their teeth?? I do lol

  23. I had a cousin with braces so did his girlfriend they were making out and the edge of one of his brackets got stuck on her wire and they had to go to the hospital because it busted his lip open when we finally got them unstuck

  24. Why I am curious

  25. Aaaaa! whyyyyyyy! Did I Wach This!?!?

  26. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. I was watching Justin Blake……how did I end up here???….


  28. tropico 5 soundtrack?

  29. Francisco Hierro sanchez

    This shit dirtyyy

  30. Francisco Hierro sanchez


  31. I thought we all understand they are not magnetic but they could still interlock with each other causing them to get stuck together

  32. As if teens would kiss like that

  33. shit I'm on the wrong side of the Internet

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