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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice on KISSING. We hope we were able to answer any of your questions that you might have had. Thank you so much for the constant support, especially on our last video! We hope this video will help you out on your first kiss. We love you ❤️

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    Instagram: @itsmaddiejoy & @elijahwireman
    Twitter: @itsmaddiejoy & @imelijahwireman
    Snapchat: live_wild and thewireboyy

    Love you all, thank you for your constant love and support ❤ -M&E

  2. Love your video's and u please do a Q&A

  3. Make a lipstick kiss video were you Kiss him on the cheek 🙂

  4. I have on nonfiction and I subscribed😍

  5. Can you guys please vlog you guys are such a sweet couple and it would be amazing to see yall everyday

  6. This is the kind of relationship I want. They are so adorable and you can see the live they have for each other.

  7. this is cringe but i still love it

  8. Hi you two!!! I have only been watching you guys for the past couple days but I have definitely binged your guys’ videos! Me and my boyfriend did a few videos similar to yours a few weeks back, and I have to say, you guys are so fun to watch. Your chemistry is practically flowing between you both. I think it’s inspiring to see another couple so close. You guys belong together! Elijah, PROPOSE TO HERE ALREADY!!!! Notifications are now ON!!!

  9. For your next video can you do a morning routine?

  10. Wow You both are so sweet 😘😘😘

  11. You guys are so freaking cute,my boyfriend's name is Eli to also in a ldr relationship that's how I found your channel. Notifications are on.

  12. SaraLane Lancaster

    I HAVE POST NOTIFICATIONS ON!!!!!! love yall so much!!💕💕

  13. I I subscribe and put on my notifications and I'm new here but I'll catch up love your videos

  14. omg i actually love you guys! youre the cutest couple out there!! Xx

  15. I’ve gone to the skating rink every Saturday and I’ve been so close to kissing my boyfriend but I always end up looking down..helppppppoo

  16. I’m new on you channel, and I’m already loving it !!! ❤️❤️ you guys are so cute…. love you guys 💗 (Notifications On)

  17. Oh my gosh I just wanna watch the prank video sooo bad 😭😂

  18. i’m so lonely lmao

  19. I think it's funny how they're doing a tutorial on how to kiss yet they are both each other's first kiss 😂 lmao not a reliable sourceee

  20. So helpful I turned on post notifications on love your video xo

  21. Dang she wears ALOT
    of makeup. how can you kiss that JAja my boyfriend doesnt want to kiss me if i have much makeup on. BUT HEY EVERY BOYFRİEND İS DİFFERENT HUH

  22. DEAR MADDIE AND ELIJAH….OMG…i watch all your videos..as soon as i found the channel i fell in love with you guys…you are thee couple goals..you inspire me so much MADDIE AND ELIJAH!!!!! love you guys keep making videos because when you do you light up my face and millions more…i REALLY want to meet you two so bad and can't wait to see whats next in the youtube life..you guys and amazing..you are like on the other side of the world though..haha..if you were to get back to this message it would mean the world to me..maddie i love how pretty you are and how kind you are to your fans..i love how you do you makeup that inspires me…elijah i love how funny you are and you always make the videos so amazing and love how you  make me want to watch every one of them..you guys are amazing KEEP IT UP!! love your biggest fan ABI xx

  23. My notifications are on love you guys

  24. You guys helped me so much, I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect but I had my first kiss and it was fine. Thank you so much❤️

  25. Marissa Baldwin-Clements

    you guys are so cute lol. Even if ur not kissing but i am in a wonderful relationship and base mine of your guys. How long have you guys been together?

  26. Ohhhh, I remember you Maddie. You did the lipstick kiss test:)

  27. U are amazing. I have my notifications

  28. i like a guy so much…and i want to kiss him but i have never do that…so i am nervous and but i want to do this so much….i don't kniw what to do…i am afraid that this will be wrong or he will be angry…(sorry for my english)

  29. I love this boy he is so cute
    Omg i want to get you boy…

  30. i love you guys so muchhh i subbed and notifications are onnn❤️❤️

  31. Best couple ever

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