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How to Kiss Someone Who’s Taller Than You

Kissing someone who’s taller than you doesn’t have to become an awkward song and dance. We know there’s only so far you can bend your head back without snapping, but just try the following techniques for smooth smooching.

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  1. So. Im 6'4 and my girlfriend is 5'2 haha im still stuck

  2. Am I the only person who thinks she looks like Selena Gomez????

  3. this is actually really cute

  4. What a cute couple!! I wear heels around my boyfriend so he just has to lean down a little :3

  5. Did he just spank her booty @0:030:05 ?

  6. Kadidaita Caulibaly

    what if you don't have a boyfriend😢😢

  7. grab the taller one by shirt, pull them down and give em a kiss XD

  8. adorable!

  9. I loved this video

  10. Amelias Gaming103

    So cute X3

  11. Heey ,
    Me girlfriend and i like to Kiss and we both like that jumping thing . How is she gonna Jump of am i gonna puck her up ?Greets Pieter

  12. what if you're too self conscious about your weight for him to pick you up ??

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