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How to Kiss Someone at School | Kissing Tips

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School might not seem like the most romantic place to kiss your crush, but if you think about it, your campus is littered with super-adorable places to just… get your boo alone and get a little kissin’ on! Worst-case scenario: if you can’t find, like, a little nook here, a little hallway there, an under-the-bleachers there… you got a binder… and you’ve got a privacy shield.

Sneak up on your guy and go, like, “Wait, I have to tell you a secret! Oh my gosh! This is so important!” [smooches] “What were you doing behind there?” “Was I reciting the Gettysburg address? You’ll never know, will you?”

Male Speaker: She was. She knows the whole thing.

Female Speaker: [whispering] I got this. Yeah!

Male Speaker: She said it [inaudible 00:00:47].

Female Speaker: “Four score, seven years ago!…” That’s what you like.

Male Speaker. Boom!

Another great location, guys, is if you have a theater: behind the theater curtain, ’cause then you can just be like, “Hey girl, you wanna practice… lines…”

Female Speaker: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Male Speaker: … behind the curtain?

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: See. And then… curtain!

Female Speaker: [gasps]

[smooching noises]


Male Speaker: Ways not to get in trouble: ’cause you don’t want Principal Belding coming up…

Female Speaker: Phllbbtt!

… and being like, “Demerits!” Uh… OK, so…

Female Speaker: Such a douche.

Male Speaker: Right? So, this is my number one trick, guys. Never failed. Ready? It’s this, and, “Hey, I just… let me, let me tell you something.” So you have the cup here, like you’re tellin’ a secret, [laughing] but you’re not!

Female Speaker. That’s not a secret. That’s not a secret, everybody!

Male Speaker: But it looks like…

Female Speaker: Could’a been better!

Male Speaker: But it looks like a secret.

Female Speaker: So do you see how boys and girls use the same kind of trick? Hiding? Fake secrets? Lots of kissing. It’s so easy, and no one has to know what you’re doing.

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  1. 0:27 theres a reason you dont put mics there

  2. You freaky couple if your like "babe lemme nibble that ear a little bit"

  3. awkward kissing

  4. I love his teeth idk why.. But theyre so cute.

  5. It looks like he's eating her ear

  6. I will kiss my boyfriend in school and I don't cere what the school does or what people say

  7. Kailey Cappeletti

    there is a guy I really like in my class in 3rd grade me and the whole class played duck duck goose and we were playing in a were you can fall and I fell he cut me in his lap and then I told him something in his ear I forgot what it is.he looked in my eyes and I looked in his eyes I like him so much and I still do he is in my fourth grade class and he likes me it is like what can I do.i try to get privacy with him at school but I can't he dose impressive things he impresses me every day and I always laugh and I like him so much and he likes me so much I just want to kiss him and I think he wants to kiss me I don't know what to do I want to kiss him at school but we never get privacy.he cares about me and I care about him he likes me and I like him.if anybody has I'd vice reply down below please please please I need some I'd vice.

  8. I'm using the binder one on the first day back😈

  9. i really want to do that

  10. and i want to kiss her but im scared like her friends comed with ger and then she was waiting me to kiss her and then the teacher walked by and said whats going on here? abd then her friend said he wants to KISS HER! and then with my friend i ran to the waredrobe and goed hone i was so scared to kiss her

  11. what to i do im a 3rd grader and today i told my crush to come with me with my friends ab then i told her im gonna kiss her but i got then uncomfartable to kiss her but she was waiting and then i just ran can u please to tell me how to just get up and kiss her?????


  13. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwww

  14. I was planing to tell my crush I like him tomarow but instead he kissed me on the lips in front of the whole class and every body started clapping and he asked me if I wanted to be his gf

  15. When he was talking about the theatre I was like, yeah right, that is his fantasy 😂😂😂

  16. This obviously doesn't work in sixth grade and under…

  17. great

  18. omg you never kissed someone yet I'm 12 I kissed someone

  19. TO MUCH CURTIAN😹😹😹😹😹

  20. I'm in school to learn not KISS

  21. Alejandra Madrigal

    I'm 11 and I have a bf my surprise for him is to kiss him on the cheek then for his birthday on the lips if I learn too

  22. Thanks that vid helped me out
    Great vid I liked

  23. - JustSimplyThinking -

    For red ribbon week, we had something called Fancy Friday and before the bell rang, I saw these two like 7th or 8th graders kiss right in front of my homeroom doorway and me and my friend saw it.

  24. balkangaming 221

    that KIZZ

  25. I'm freaking 13… and I never kissed someone ;-;

  26. Guys my classmate has a crush on me and he hugs me so hard it hurts anyway he is my enemy!!!

  27. hes making out with her ear

  28. Here's my question of the day how does one become a butterfly?

  29. are you guys dating

  30. Are they going out?

  31. How about if the school have a security camera I am trying to kiss my crush but security camera!!

  32. girl you are you going to mary me

  33. What if he stops kissing you and says, "What Da Fuq are you doin." And what if he's all like, bish…

  34. Thanks for the tips

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