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How to Kiss Like a Freaking GODDESS: Ft. My Husband Nathan | Step by Step Tutorial | Ask Kimberly

Ok, I can’t believe we are actually doing this video, but you guys asked for it. This video is HOW TO KISS and is a step by step tutorial of all the kissing techniques, styles, and tips that I have. Whether it’s your first kiss, you want to improve your own technique or just get better, or you’ve had a boyfriend or girlfriend for a long time and want to surprise them hopefully this video can help. Nathan and I have been married for 5 years now and have had crazy chemistry since day 1, and as a relationship expert people always ask me how to kiss and seriously, I always think about how when you have the right partner it’s just so easy. This video includes tips on french kissing and using your tongue, using your whole body, and licking and biting. I am so proud of how this video turned out and so happy to do this with the person I love most, Nathan. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do, give it a big thumbs up!! 🙂 xoxo

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  1. I wish my crush looked at me the way Nathan looks at Kimberly

  2. Can we like talk about their height difference

  3. My grandma does not kiss me nor does she make me cookies she is really mean >_<

  4. Hello

  5. I'm gay 🙂

  6. I love this video!! Thanks for the tips on kissing like a goddess

  7. I have lips this video wouldn't help

  8. You know I'm desperate when I'm on this video.

  9. Alaijah Middlebrooks

    This wa d so weird to watch lol

  10. too shy to kiss I freeze up guess ill stay single

  11. I feel so bad for the person that filmed this

  12. Idkthinkfirst Humans

    Their relationship is goals and their not afraid to show it! And if you think this is uncomfortable you should see middle schoolers having relationship with "cheating"

  13. I can't wait till I am in love…💖

  14. I loved this video

  15. Lol love this video

  16. Whyyyy is this so cute

  17. Who else is watching the video while reading the comments? 😂

  18. Kimberly! I recently got into a girl-on-girl relationship, and this is my first time being with another girl. Can you do a more "getting-the-girl" focused video (gender neutral of course)?

  19. I want a lip kit please


  21. I really needed this video and luckily tomorrow is my first date and she answered all my questions

  22. I'm too nervous 😩

  23. MelMelLovesRandomness

    I just watched this to write better fanfics 😂😂😂 #foreveralone

  24. Here's my entry for contest!🤞💓

  25. This is the most awkward thing i have ever seen

  26. Can U do a vid on first kisses

  27. I have a question, i wonder will the guy eat some make up materials surrounding the girl's lips…?

  28. Reasons Wny I won't have my first Kiss-I'm a single Pringle -I cringe every time I see someone kiss-I don't want Herpes or Mono

  29. Wait how to u keep ur hair smoth and soft

  30. I have no idea why I'm watching this , I'm not going to kiss soon 😅😅

  31. that_ravenclaw _witch

    My crush likes me back 😍 ❤️

  32. i wonder if any people walked by and were like 😧😧

  33. Brycehall Is amazing

    Do Another video with Joey kidney

  34. Leland

  35. Kimberly is so bright and positive

  36. Really need a first kiss teen edition

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