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How to Kiss in a Way He’ll Never Forget | Teen Dating Tips

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Hey guys. My name is Shallon and I’m here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website shallononline.com. Girls I’ll be honest, if a guy is making out with you, he’s thinking one thing. ‚ÄòI’m so psyched to be making out with this girl.’ But if you really want to take things from awesome to extraordinary, here are a few little tips. Number one, and this is assuming that you’ve actually kissed this guy before otherwise this could be creepy and sort of lead to an arrest. When he walks through the door, don’t say a word, don’t even let him take his backpack off. Just run up, grab him by the cheeks, and plant one on him. Guys love it when you initiate any sort of like sexy contact, so doing that will make him think you’ve been thinking about him all day and just fantasizing and you can’t wait to get your hands on him. Men love it. Another one of my favorite kissing tips is, and this is of course if you’ve already kissed him before. Hold back or stop ever so slightly before you kiss him. Just a minute, just, just a little second because it will extend those extra electric seconds before you actually make contact with each others lips. It’ll sort of get him all riled up because men, as we know, love what they can’t have. And if he thinks at the very last second maybe he can’t have you, ooo child you’re going to get him going. But if it’s your first time kissing a guy and you really want to set yourself apart from maybe the other girls he’s kissed, who shall not be named. After you guys are done kissing and he pulls away, keep your eyes closed for just an extra second or two. It’ll sort of give him the idea that you’re savoring the kiss and that you’re really into it. So plant one on him, hold back just for a minute, and leave your eyes closed for a second. And voila, you are no the best kisser in the world. You’re welcome.

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  1. 😕it's feels likes tips to manipulating boys tho like I may manipulate people if I don't trust or like them (trust issues😂😂) but thus just feels wrong😕


  3. Dammit I only came he for the cupcake

  4. I can't reach his face bc he's 6'5 and I'm 5'2 :-//

  5. I still don't feel like I'm the best kisser in the world…

  6. Marija Beišytė

    im watching this because of nostalgia it gives me, back when i watched it three years ago to understand at least something in the kissing front. three years later, i still havent kissed anyone, other than my birthday cake

  7. I had to kiss a guy as a dare and it was my first time kissing him and I used the second and third tip…

    Let's just say he kissed me again after the game
    He's my crush…..

  8. Ooooh child

  9. I have a tip for you: go to Gym!

  10. Thank you so much

  11. Breauna Stoltzman


  12. BabbyKissy Saadiq

    No I feel abused!, the cupcake was denied no!!

  13. Leslie Woolnough

    OMFG ! Abused cupcake

  14. Sal Lee Paradise

    You are sooooooo awesome!

  15. whoo child
    you gonna get him goin

  16. You just know what you are speaking and thats funny

  17. She cheated on the cupcake with the apple O.o

  18. How to make my crush to loves me ??


    I'll never forget this😰💋

  20. Wears the same thing everyday .

  21. So funny when I watch this and realize I do all of these things and have only had one bf-going strong for two months

  22. I hope this works because there is somebody that's going to the same school and his name is Brian Banks so I want him to know that I like him and I want him and I will become boyfriend and girlfriend so I'm kinda nervous and it is my first time kissing someone I like

  23. did she break up with her novio?</3

  24. Autobot BumbleBee

    the seven deadly sins

  25. Okay so one of my guy friends keeps wanting to face time with me and I'm totally nervous so I make up excuses he's admitted that he likes me a little what do I do

  26. Y-yup Q_Q kisses cupcake

  27. Ok listen she gives great advice for girls who need a little help (me) and to be honest I've tryed some of these things and they do work so just leave all nasty comments to yourself ok?

  28. Some of these comments are just too funny! Lol

  29. Wooooo child lmao

  30. Łỷǻńńǻ Sŧark

    I'm already an awesome kisser, but thanks for the tips! When will I get to see that pretty yummy looking cupcake though.. darn

  31. Thank u

  32. stab him in the face,he'll never forget that❤

  33. Damn I wish I was a cupcake!

  34. Where's the cupcake?! Noooooo, cupcake, why?! 😥
    (Lol, probably she ate it before the recording) In remembering of our dear Cupcake… R.I.P. 🍦

  35. Lmfao. I feel bad for my boyfriend. He's now my guinea pig. 😁😁😁

  36. … Where's the cupcake ;-;

  37. waht happens if im 8 and my gf left me at reccces an i tryed to macke a movie?

  38. hey Shallon just a quick question, can you do a video on how to get your crush to like you back please. i have someone i like and need advice on getting him to ask me out, coz he always drops hints that he likes me like cwtching up to me and holding my hand but i don't like making the first move, so how do i get him to ask me out?

  39. B-b-but w-what about t-he cupcake. I would have h-had it😭

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