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    That was horrible


    That was horrible

  3. Love u man

  4. Haces Hermosa pareja con ella

  5. thanks bro

  6. *ahem* GreatnessTV *ahem*

  7. Hi prankinvasion here with one of my girlfriends

  8. Damn girl is pretty

  9. Where you stay?

  10. I'm ready

  11. Thanks bro

  12. Your girlfriend's really pretty

  13. if u have a girlfriend then why u keep on kissing other girls

  14. if u have a girlfriend then why u keep on kissing other girls

  15. This guy is acting like kissing is a crucial topic that needs to be addressed in the world.

  16. I want she snap

  17. he looks like the motherfucker from kick ass 2

  18. To be honest, I am super afraid to pull one of these quick-game-for-quick-kiss stunts.

  19. thanks

  20. Y iS his girlfriend soooo sexy 👅👅👅

  21. these things r being adopted 4 years ago …
    but it's a bit difficult in India to go on road pranks ..

  22. when do I do the ass grab?

  23. J ai rien compris

  24. sağol aq çocuğu hiç bi işime yaramadi

  25. i think that he couldn't hire anybody else to kiss so he did this vid

  26. quoellen hernandez

    Did the guy wear make up?

  27. Hadch mouril lilhaya2

  28. You're so cool chris fuck yeah.

  29. she look hot

  30. I hate this don't do another video

  31. Are you insane 😡😡😡 I hate Love

  32. Yuck 🤢

  33. You kiss and i piss

  34. This is so dumb…and so weird! People these days….

  35. Hi Nicole your so beautiful !

  36. Ur both way too white for this

  37. Haaa gayyyyyyyy

  38. y the hell am I still subscribed

  39. Looks like you will get someone a first class ticket to jail for sexual assault

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