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How to Kiss a Guy Well | Kissing Tips

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Shallon Lester: Napoleon, One Direction, Barack Obama, Hitler. What do all of these men have in common? They want one thing. Power. This is no different when it comes to a man and kissing. They want to feel in control and you, as a woman, should want to feel, not controlled in like that creepy like Law and Order SVU way, but like in the sexy way that you know that you are with a man! Even if he is 14 or whatever. Yeah, he’s like. He’s a man and he’s like got you! Because there’s nothing sexier than just feeling overwhelmed and swept away by a man’s kiss.

So if you want to give a guy what he wants, which in turn will be what you want, let him set the pace for the kiss. Let him be in control. So don’t just jam your tongue up in there, do not just have an agenda and go for it, see how he kisses you and then respond accordingly. I’m not saying that if he is terrible just go along with it, that’s a whole separate blog and e will get to that, but let a man set the pace. Something like, well hey!

Michael Blaustein: Hey. I’m going to set the pace now.

Shallon: Ooh.

Michael: Okay.

Shallon: Oh I love pace.

Michael: I know. Pace is so awesome. Ladies, men also really enjoy this, like that, slightly rough.

Shallon: Okay. Girls, you know when you’re at the salon getting your hair done and your stylist massages your head when you’re getting your hair washed?

Michael: Feel incredible?

Shallon: We die. Guys love it too. They’re like dogs.

Michael: Yep.

Shallon: In so many ways.

Michael: Um-hum, with the ear, yes!

Shallon: Um-hum, a little tug.

Michael: A little tug.

Shallon: You’re not trying to pull it off.

Michael: No. A little nibble is always great as well. A little nibble is always great as well.

Shallon: Um-hum. Girls, there’s a lot of things that you might like but guys do not, such as a forehead kiss. Oh it is so romantic and adorable but if you do this to a guy. Right? It’s disgusting! It’s disgusting!

Michael: There is Egg McMuffin on the ground now. So don’t do that please.

Shallon: Don’t do it.

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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice ...


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