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How To Kiss A Girl With A Magic Trick- UCLA Special

More of London magician – http://www.juliusmagic.com -In this hilarious magic trick, London magician Julius Dein shows how to kiss a girl with a magic trick. This was filmed at UCLA!

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This is a mind-blowing magic trick although not so successful for Julius who has contracted 13 counts of cold sores! However, he stands by his word that in the pursuit of kissing beautiful girls, it was all worth it.

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  1. buena compañero!!!

  2. You should try to go Oahu in Hawaii and hopefully we can meet

  3. IronDawg248 XxX

    The dude looks like James McAvoy. lol

  4. 1:13 he had a cross on his thumb 😂😂

  5. magic?wwwhhhhooooooaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  6. im going to do that to my girlfriend

  7. algum br aqui

  8. where is the explication of this trick?

  9. could u give the tutorial for this video?…..
    its really amazing.

  10. poor girls sh***t mrn

  11. code green gamer

    the one that has a boyfriend is a savage

  12. How??

  13. 😂😂😂 that's not magic that's a free kiss

  14. salve pro BR

  15. u should reveal it

  16. U r insane 😂

  17. how did u do that 😒 I'm a girl n I wanna know lol

  18. I thought u had a girlfriend

  19. Hansi Asbel Paz

    where is ambar jajjajajajja julius amber is jelous right now jajjajajajja

  20. What if he was actually finding girlfriend through this kissing prank and luckily bump into Amber 🤔

  21. Christopher Villalobos


  22. my boy a savage

  23. Hola!soy Clancix!


  24. beautifulinfinity

    The underlying sleaze on fleek.

  25. And Amber?

  26. daily vines views

    nic video

  27. Vangera Nascimento

    adorei seus vídeos mais que pena que não dá pra entender a fala de vocês o inglês

  28. louis vansteenkiste

    i tried that, i lost 400$ 🙁

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