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How to kiss a girl on the neck – Step by step

Romance isn’t really your thing? Take a look at this guide so you can learn how to kiss a girl on the neck with this step by step video. If it is the first time you are going to kiss a girl or boy on the neck, take a look at these useful tips so you are sure you are kissing him or her correctly.

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  1. Dheerendra Dheerendra

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  2. You can lick and bite, BUT it has to be a slow build up. In fact, don't even start right off the bat kissing her neck. First, gently move her hair out of the way and gently caressing her neck with your finger tips. Once her hair is moved, slowly, SLOWLY and ever-so-gently, caress her neck with soft, long strokes. Very light, not heavy handed. Then, after a while of doing that AND she has been responding to your touch, THEN slowly move in to kiss her neck, starting at the shoulder and slowly moving to her neck, as you build that up more, you can eventually move to licking and gentle biting. It HAS to be a slow build up because if you go in and bite her neck right away like a vampire, she won't like that. It HAS to be a slow build up. That is the key to successful (and orgasmic) neck kissing!

  3. Can you show me how to kiss a man and make him kiss me like he loves me

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  10. ok i was watching mr bean and then i got here like what the hell is this a joke?

  11. The music at the beginning 😂😂😂😂

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  13. Who is watching in August 😹😹 lol

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  15. Sabir Hussain Sabir

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  17. No, this is more like How NOT to kiss a girl, period.

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  19. Thegeekydinosuar

    how did I get here?… like, I was watching cat videos five seconds ago…

  20. Martijn van Zanen

    OK. where is the dislike x 100 button?:P

  21. Shadreckclever Nyure

    not much good

  22. سجاد العراقي


  23. Anna Christina Landmark

    You know, licking and biting is not always bad, as long as you don't act like dog. Some people like it, others don't.

  24. they're acting lol

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  27. hey faces killed me. she seemed so out of it 100%

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