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How to kiss a girl lips for the first time: 2014 Lips Kissing Video PRANK

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  1. U wanker fucken little bitch

  2. Rishabh chandyok

    That guy need Dr.Justin

  3. Prashant royal Gurung

    Ohh man…

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  9. novella atkinson


  10. Perfect! You are a genius! Worked for me!

  11. Please leave this earth ASAP /

  12. Honesty Griffin


  13. It went from english to like russian plus it sounds like hes in the middle of a lesson

  14. I just don't get it…-_-

  15. Who is this stupid?? Such a sick guy.

  16. Vitor Panini Ribeiro

    1, 2, 3, 9 ?

  17. wtf…….micky mouse asss is this….

  18. I was waiting for him to write and fuck her

  19. (1). Find A Girl

    pshh not like I'm going to kiss myself

  20. Iene MieneMutte

    I already feel sorry for any girl who will be approached by a boy for a kiss+kissed like this. Oh girl, let's pray he doesn't whirl his tongue around in your mouth like a laundry machine! 🙁

  21. Y not talk

  22. Dude your retarted you moron wtf freak

  23. What he fuck you talking about!

    FUCK UU 

  25. Wtf is this shit ?? Dont try to act funny man -.-

  26. Hahahahaha he can't even man up to talk in a vid and his giving advice on how to kiss. Fucking genius.

  27. junior paul kuwornu

    Not funny dickhead

  28. thebrowniesaur22

    wtf did i just watch

  29. Fucking shithead

  30. Fucking shithead

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