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How to Kiss a Girl | Kissing Tutorials

How to Kiss a Girl | Kissing Tutorials
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  1. hahaha lol

  2. Tausha Webster

    I love your video's

  3. thanks! helped alot.

  4. Jerden Amatkasmin

    i will make you proud sensei

  5. i dont understand why a right for the guy

  6. Does his girlfriend know he is kissing random girls?

  7. Beatrizorozco Medina

    does she know ur kissing other girls

  8. Thanks man,with your help i kiss my girlfriend for the First time

  9. Poor Nichole, he's kissed so many others.

  10. wy dont you kiss some of her body parts

  11. your girlfriend is so cute

  12. im going to steal your girlfriend she is so cute

  13. TypicalWhiteGirl

    mommy make out day

  14. عيوب الاخراج المصري | Defects directing

    نيك يا رجوله انا مصري لو عايز انا جايز

  15. Awesome couple 😊

  16. Hailey Nichole Alvarez

    me kiss please

  17. SoLaR virus jnr

    I did it on a girl now were dating thx 🙂

  18. The girl is very beautiful and very attractive greeting to you from Iraq

  19. PunJabiaan Guy

    your gf is so beautiful..😘😚😙

  20. Derrick Ethan Olivera

    Hahahaha kiss all the girls

  21. have sex with your girlfriend

  22. I called dibs on you're girl she's hot as duck I have to kiss her

  23. Jahanzeib Khan


  24. her face makes me forgot all the rules man…


    Whats the name pf her gf

  26. Shawn Llewelyn

    That was cool bro… Really helpful… I love your videos btw

  27. Thanks 😉 now imma try to get my crush 😈😚

  28. she has beautiful eyes

  29. His girlfriend? Huh how he's kissed like 800 random people and she is still with him that's fucked up

  30. ههههههه

  31. thebosstaco4545

    wtf is this

  32. The RealUchiha


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