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Tactics Every Guy Must Know To Kiss A Girl Passionately

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  1. I had my first kiss with my girlfriend on the beach laying next to her

  2. Guys how do I over come my fear like isn't it just neevracking if u back away or something

  3. My friends are always asking how do you that to ur girlfriend man

    I'm just like


  4. Very helpful thx for the advice

  5. I am 7 xDDD I'm going to kisss my gf tommmorow, shes 39

  6. I haven't been kissed yet??? I'm just not good at it????

  7. Whoever made this is a fucking idiot

  8. yo we did it with toungue

  9. just kissed a girl for my first time today. we kissed like 4 times in under 10 min

  10. The Idiot's Guide

    I'm 11 and I'm planning my first kiss for tomorrow, wish me luck! Lol!

  11. I had my first kiss today…..on a field trip ….playing laser tag

  12. im 12 years old my gf is 15 her name is jasmine and we had our first kiss with each other

  13. what is butterly kiss ?

  14. Princess bubbbleeesss

    i promised my love that we will kiss for the first time and i am very nervous because i really don't know how

  15. my love don't think

  16. welp here goes nothing I'm gonna make out with my gf tomorrow

  17. I worked

  18. at the one second mark is so tired. respect

  19. I'm 32 and I just had my first kiss about 2 months ago!

  20. am 12 and ive kisd my gf already

  21. enderdude gaming muhammad danih

    ;u my first kiss was today but why iam watching thiss ;u

  22. my first Kiss was when i was 12 so This year LOL

  23. احمد البصري

    verey good kiss girl

  24. Ace Ace The Boss

    the first time I kissed a girl was when I was 5 and it was like tonge but that's all I remember I'm sure we were doing it so wrong and it was all weird but ya and I bet both of us dident know what we were doing cuz I know I sure didn't o ya and if u don't believe me I don't realy care

  25. my girl punched me thanx

  26. I'm 11 I'm kissing my gf and we have already discussed we are having sex when we are 15

  27. you no englishing good 🙂 but thx for the tips 🙂

  28. Jhon thanks well I did all the steps you said do I did it today and it worked I kissed her on the cheek first then second lips I'll never forget those steps and and I really like this girl and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend bro thanks

  29. My first kiss I was 7 my first time sex was 14 so what I dont like this vid

  30. Best vid i ever seen

  31. Whats the name of the song??!!?!!

  32. Bhanuka Manchanayake

    Superb dear

  33. Does this guy even grammar??

  34. omfg this guy has got it down

  35. Best video.

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