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Lyrics: Tracy Hutchison
Music: Lior Porat
Vocals by Carolyn of the BLonDe ENvy & Lior Porat

ft. Nohav Amitay, Roy Porat
Dressing: Lea Katz

How To Kiss (First Kiss)

First time with a girl
that makes your mind whirl
a girl look so nice
you had to look twice

alone in the dark
listen to your heart
it’s getting’ late
and she won’t wait

Daddy gave you talks
since you could walk
but the one thing he missed
is how to kiss

That girl that you like (That boy that you like)
has those dreamy eyes
when she’s around (when he’s around)
you want to get down

Just wet your lips (How to kiss)
Not too crisp (How to kiss)
Just like this
How to kiss

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  1. Great video! Well done!

  2. i want to download the mp3 but i cant

  3. the old movies are awesome. Just wet your lips… can't take it out of my head now. be careful before you listen ;/

  4. This is great, great work

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