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How to Handle Your First Kiss | Middle School

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I used to worry so much about when my first kiss was going to happen. Was it going to be a disaster? Was it going to be awesome? Who’s it going to be with? What was it going to feel like?

Looking back, I really wish I hadn’t worried so much because the truth of the matter is it’s going to happen when it happens. It ended up happening completely organically, and it was beyond anything I could have possibly planned for.

My friends knew I liked this guy who happened to be at my house hanging out with us one day. They decided we’re going to play spin the bottle. I was a little unsure about this idea naturally because this was a very scary possibility that the bottle was going to land on him, and I was going to have to kiss him. I had a huge crush on this guy.

My friends–being the great friends that they were–rigged the game so that I absolutely, no excuses had to kiss him. I was like, “Kiss on the cheek, okay?” They were in an uproar, “Absolutely not. That was not okay. You absolutely must kiss him.”I did. Then we started dating, and it was a perfect first kiss.

Even if yours isn’t picture perfect, it’s not like it’s going to be your last one so you don’t have to worry about it. Just let it happen when it happens, and keep it as a great memory no matter if it goes exactly how you planned or otherwise.

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  1. Connor gough/ DevishSparky

    if I get my first kiss… this will be my reaction (eternal screaming inside)

  2. I already had my first kiss with a boy name Jaiden cause I really liked him. I hugged him and kissed him. Now I moved on from him. I am with this boy named Aaron now. I want to hug him first at one point. But I don't know how. I also want to kiss him at one point. We both really like each other but we barely talk and see each other because he has a different class than me and I miss him so much on the weekends. What should I do for my second kiss/hug?

  3. alyssa Al-Idani

    My first kiss kiss was with my wife( I am a Lesbian) and we were both in eighth grade. we dated forever and then we got married and we have been married for 5 years!!!!

  4. Her friends are jerks. If she didn't want to kiss him she shouldn't have to.

  5. The Flaming Sword

    I hate the godamn ad

  6. Panic At The twenty øne Chemical Boys

    I'm that friend that texts your crush as you and says "hey it's insert name I like you will you go out with me" and much more. If you need a matchmaker I have a business on Instagram. @froggie..._

  7. Okay so here's the story, I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year now. We rarely have anytime alone together but I love him loads. He's suggested kissing quite a few times but every time we get alone finally, we both tense up and it gets awkward.. What should I do??

  8. I'm in 6th

  9. Licorice Animation Studios

    Psh i'm 15 and I haven't gotten anywhere with anyone… lucky middle schoolers xD

  10. Officially Tori


  11. Jordan Edwards

    I'm in 7th grade

  12. Ariana Alvarado

    thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I am having my first kiss tomorrow and this video really helped a lot thank you so much

  13. Breanne Blaquiere

    me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 days and we are having our first kiss on Wednesday

  14. we're both in 5th grade

  15. i have my boyfriend for two years and kiss about a week ago he was at my house along with his brother so my boyfriend brother made us kiss we kissed about three times that day because me and his brother and my boyfriend play to truth or dare yeah and I don't regret anything we're not going to tell anybody about this because we didn't want anybody to know are we dating but they found out anyway so we decided keep it s secret

  16. More like how to get friends.

  17. I've been dating my boyfriend for around, 5 or 6 months, and we've only kissed each other on the cheek, because he knows I'm not ready for a lip kiss yet.. he's had his first kiss with my best friend, (they previously dated before I met both of them) and he knows what it's like. I don't. Nooo experience at all, whatsoever. I feel like I'm just dragging him along, making him wait..

  18. Isabella Sandoval

    This really helps me and my BF in 6th grade

  19. Shadowracer52 Gaming

    Am i the only boy who's watches this vid?

  20. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 7 months, we haven't kissed yet even though I really want to!😵 he says he's not scared he's just waiting for the perfect moment, I get that but there's never gonna be a perfect moment, were both in 8th grade, my friend thinks that if we kiss it will help our relationship grow because me and him are really shy well I'm really shy, I don't know what to do if any of you can give me some advice or some help that would be awesome I'd really appreciate it the😊.

  21. PokemonTrainerEmily :3

    My crush and I confessed that we like each other, but were waiting to date until high school.  But we do hang out after school sometimes, I consider them dates.  :3

  22. Shannon smiles

    Thank you so much you made it easier for me lol

  23. HOW THE F*CK DO YOU RIG SPIN THE BOTTLE!? The only way I can conceive has something to do with magnetism. Anybody know how?

  24. Shavonn Storay

    That was really helpful

  25. Kennylee Aponte

    Lol I'm sorry but was anyone elese looking at her eyebrows?

  26. Caitlin Prario

    I'm gonna try to stop worrying about it and just let it happen haha thank you!

  27. Eloisa Balbuena

    I'm in 6th grade and i already had my first kiss

  28. Im afraid to have my first kiss because im not like a girly type im more of A tomboy and I dont like to have a boyfriend or for that fact dating and after I saw this video im not all that scared because my best friend is just like me on this one

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