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How To Go From Talking To Kissing

How To Go From Talking To Kissing
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How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time:

Kissing On The First Date: To Kiss Or Not To Kiss?:

5 Secret Clues A Girl Wants To Be Kissed:

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Without Rejection:

How To Kiss A Girl In College

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  1. The Slomo Duo HD

    This sounds like some sort of david attembourough documentary on lions. "The lion now knows that the female is ready to mate by the body language, they move to a secret location"

  2. If this LONG manual is just to kiss a girl, i wonder about the 'making a girl cum' hahahaa Just give the girl the damn kiss!!!! LOL

  3. although this guy is butters af, its acc a good technique

  4. I fall for the thumb nails every time

  5. If you wait till the end of the first date to kiss wouldn't that put a lot of pressure on the guy ? Why not do it at a high point on the date ?

  6. This guy is good 😅 it scares me that it's so easy for people to learn to attract others. It's like having super manipulation powers lol

  7. Varahamihirgupta Channel

    Hey Tripp,can you make a individual video on the signs that a girl's likes you?

  8. Instruction was not clear , Dick stuck in Vagina .

  9. you can watch all his tuts and practice and practice, but mainly, confidence is key

  10. How is sex less romantic then a kiss sex is where you put your dick in her pussy

  11. wish me luck, gonna follow his advice for my first date.

  12. these are free slaps in Africa.

  13. Bruce PurvisGreaawsome

    I had a girl friend but I got in trouble for kissing in uni even though I was outside
    I couldn't even hold hands in the lift
    Bye Bruce

  14. I enjoyed that, maybe you like to check out my channel

  15. This guy is actually helpful

  16. Idk if this has been said but he kinda looks like Lupin the San

  17. Tripp stop I feel something rising dammit you got me this is awkward I'll keep talking so it doesn't get awkward

  18. Man I just had my first kiss today and it was good, I'm only 12 lol

  19. and all the other girls i have liked , i have gotten friend zoned

  20. can u help me with his girl please , ok so me and her hang very day at school, lunch , shes new to the school and like me and her talk and stuff, but i dont know how to Flirt . and he laugheds at my jokes and stuff

  21. Zedric Jackson-Jones

    Going on our 3rd date gonna try this 😩👌 according to the video I've missed plenty of opportunities.

  22. Do one on how to get passed a girl's bitch cockblocking friends

  23. To get girlfriend is harder than math. it's about admiration. have a good job easy to have a girlfriend if you friendly to girl.

  24. What do I say or do after the kiss?

  25. sse

    sexial film

  26. geez he said "convo"… that is so ghetto illiterate.

  27. Michael Núnez Jiménez

    Very intelligent ,, thank you,,,,

  28. Michiel Schipper

    hey tripp i have a problem with the kiss itself. i only know how to do the strandard push the lips kiss but not the other movements. can you help me?

  29. the seperate location even worked out when I was drunk xd

  30. She didn't came

  31. alicja mrs robot

    How about how to get him (or generally speaking, the other person) to kiss me (or you) instead ??
    Yeah sure I could show some courage and go for it myself, but I kinda don't want to and I'm still too nervous around him. But we're friends, been on 3 great dates, hugged, held hands and it's like this huge invisible barrier we just can't seem to overcome. HELPPPP

  32. I was dancing with a girl at a club once and she was just resting her head on my chest so I simply raised her chin with my index finger and went for it.

  33. guys if you are being funny,once you go to another place you can say wanna bet I can kiss you without touching your lips if she says yes go for it and say I guess I lost the bet,nice way to make her laugh and not have the awkward silance at least imo

  34. So has anyone of you like forgot all of this after a tough break up? Like personally it came natural to do all of this stuff, and after the break up I lost the game, thanks for re-teachung me the way)))

  35. I'm gonna make a bracelet for my crush or atleast but one

  36. Is there a galaxy portal on the left that you are hiding from us?

  37. i've literally had sex and i'm still questioning how to initiate a kiss what the fuck

  38. hi Trip there's this girl I really like and I think she kinda have a thing for Me too,but the problem is she's got a boyfriend and now she's trying to avoid me as much as she can 'I mean in a good way of course 'she even said something about if she wasn't having a bf right now she'd go out with me

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