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How To Give A Great First Kiss | Wing Girl

If you want that first kiss to be truly memorable, have sparks fly and simply make her melt, watch my video here as I share some tips with my friend Jon & Zoe 🙂 I am here with AskMen to tell YOU tons of secrets about women so you can you be successful with them! Stay tuned for more episodes…

Your Personal Wing Girl & Owner of The Wing Girl Method,
Marni (http://www.winggirlmethod.com)

Make sure you also check out the awesome Jon & Zoe who helped demonstrate the kiss!

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  1. ŠhÏñÜ đáÑČƏ šŤÜđiØ

    if my gf want kiss how I kiss her?

  2. This might be a problem for me though, because when it comes to relationships I can tend to be a little shy. I can't say why I am shy when it comes to this stuff because it's a long story, but I can say that it's the reason why I haven't had much relationships.

  3. Name twins!!!

  4. So professional to be in a hotel.

  5. That kiss tho 😉

  6. That blonde guy looks familiar 🙂

  7. be louder. you're too quiet

  8. Tbh You don't have to worry about not kissing anyone before, it will happened eventually at the right time and believe me you'll know what to do, The hard thing is taking the shot and kiss the guy/girl you like

  9. JesusChristNeverLived

    I wish I could tell you about my first kiss…

    But I'm on this video for a reason…😖😖😖

  10. i love all your marni…😘

  11. Alejandro Ascencio

    Thanks for the tips Marni : )

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