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First Time He Kissed a Boy | Jyrus

Another cyrus edit I am gay trashhh. andi mack has lowkey taken over my life.


  1. Me and my crush were so close to kissing today it was during school there were a few people but we were playing and it literally felt like no one else was there we were having so much fun and he started to tug on me and get a little rougher and then he playfully tickled me to the ground and then there was that moment where our eyes met but before he could lean in more then teacher told us to stop messing around and get to our next class me and him were like 15 minutes late 😂

  2. Thecrappyanimator 17

    I smacked him-does that count?

  3. savagejoel ayo & teo fan

    i need a girlfriend

  4. My crushes Crystal blue eyes melt me

    So if I look his in the eyes I'm dead…

    😳 shit flash backs

    😊I loved it when we hang out together!

    😳I dream about him now…
    Is that creepy?

    😣Maybe he already forgot about me!

    😞What if he is getting bullied I don't want that…

    😓what if he has a pretty one?

    😨am I pretty?!


    What am I doing?🙄🙄

  5. But my crush…

  6. His voice is creepy

  7. 0______________________________0

  8. Mmmhh what they trying to do 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  9. Marisol Ramirez Flores

    I Made a tattoo with his name in my elbow

  10. Go git him GIRL

  11. What if the guy literally shows every fucking sign that he likes you and you're literally body to body and he still doesn't make a move 💀

  12. this is hard.

    nah, im to scared

  13. I have green eyes bish

  14. My boyfriend s.j will probably kiss me

  15. one time when me and my crush were doing social studies we accidently mase eye contact and he said why are you looking at me and i said the same thing and he said on the count of three we stop lomming at eachother ok so i agreed 123 we still making eye contact and after that he let me touch his hand and wrist and this deaf girl decided to go tell his older sister and i noticed her after she went on the monkey bars with him and kicked my arm i was like BOIIII DONT BE A HYPOCRITE BICH! >:( but its okay now because hes my boyfriend

  16. lol…I haven't kissed my boyfriend yet,I'm not afraid to kiss,I just have trust issues and I hate physical contact.But I'm getting better.


  18. wtf is the first Picture 0-0

  19. hahahahhahaha

  20. Well, This won't help cause i'm like 13 and I'm still in school and my crush goes at the same school so I don't think it would happen around a school. Plus I'm ugly enough so I don't think it would happen anyway.

  21. It works

  22. Does it work

  23. Everythinganime 101

    Hello pink sheep 😂

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