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How To Get A Girl To Kiss You: 3 Basic Things To Do Before You Kiss A Girl For The First Time!

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Getting a girl to kiss you for the first time is the key step to getting intimate with her. But it’s often one of the hardest steps for men.

Especially when you’re not confident that she’s going to like it.

So in this video we’re going to discuss 3 simple things you must do to be ready to kiss a girl and be sure that she will like it! (Rather than draw back and never kiss you again)

In other words, you need to be KISSABLE!

So how can you be extremely kissable when the moment finally arrives?

If you follow the 3 simple strategies in this video you’ll be ready to be kissed when the big moment comes.

When it comes to kissing women you want to be prepared. And if you do the 3 simple things many men neglect you’ll be confident when you kiss a girl for the first time.

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  1. Just Another Atheist

    I have a girl whom i like so much.. I have seen signs she is interested too but she has boyfriend and i don't really know if she broke up with him.. She used to come with me after classes so that i can drop her at metro station.. After some ignoring and talking we finally set things right and started talking again like before.. But now the problem is two of her male friends stick with him all the time, even after college.. I want her back to going in my car alone like before but those two stick with her like magnet.. How can i ask her to leave them and come with me alone like before? Cause this is the only time i see when we can talk in private face to face..

  2. hey stephan 😀
    i need some advice if i should ask my crush out, i'm 15,here's the story.
    I'm in high school currently and, last year i was in a different school than this year,and i had this crush in a girl (name:Maya),this year i lost all my friends (they all went to different schools) except my crush and this other girl
    on the first day she just came up to me and said "Hi" and asked questions and stuff, and i'm kinda close to her(i gave her like 2 small gifts) cause we're friends but i want it to be more than that.She approached me 3 times in this month, when i should be the one doing the moves, so should i do a move and ask her out for a movie or a walk in the park?

    Some of my online friends told me to do it and encouraged me because they know how brave and risky i am, but this is a risk that i really don't feel like taking.
    So? Should I?

  3. +stephan erdman Hey, as u r a spealist about confidence why u dont make video about confidence and over confidence to attract girls more. Thats all what i have thank u 🙂

  4. I should stop smoking

  5. practical, on point and instantly applicable………..that's why you are my go-to dating coach..stephen.

  6. Haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    This was your best video ever !!!!!!!!!!
    God every animal even human smell …that's y we must b …..CLEAN !!!!!!

  7. Just b clean !!!!!

  8. Haaaaa haaaaaaaaa
    This was sooooo funny …
    Thin lips ???? Omg !
    This is way too funny !!!!!!

  9. Stop smoking !
    Then your breath will b fine ….

  10. Salt water gargle …salt cleanses everything !!!!!
    Haaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa brush your lips ??????

  11. Haaaa haaaaaaa

  12. I needed this …..just brush !!!!!!

  13. These simple tips could solve the population problem in Japan

  14. So important video. Most guys have bad breath. Floss and a tongue scrapper are a must

  15. also it is useful to know that dairy, meat and fish contain dense proteins used as a food source by the sulfur-producing bacteria which cause bad breath

  16. cheers my friend 👍
    any tips on taking a girl out on first dates?

  17. Hmm I met a girl one night with a group of friends. I made out with her and she said i tasted salty (i had popcorn that night). She goes in her bag, gives me a strawberry mint and it was no problem 😂.
    Breath and taste is good. Her breath stank on second date and she fixed it secretly i noticed and she tasted like alcohol and smoke haha

  18. Honey is the best thing to hydrate your lips. I love it

  19. its impossible to floss if you have bracets but the other tips are good.Thank you

  20. Great job Stephan.

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