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How to Flirt With a Boy in School!

How to flirt with a boy in school! How to flirt with a guy tips! Watch my How to get a boyfriend in school video here: https://youtu.be/1RsqelwzpCc ♥ PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 1.6 MILLION SUBS: http://goo.gl/0v5GNS (Turn on Notifications to join the PANDAFAM!).♥

Let me know if you want to see any more how to kiss a boy videos! Whether you need to know how to kiss a boy for the first time or if you want to learn how to snog your way to your first kiss then hopefully this video will help you out. Comment if you want to see how to flirt with a girl, how to flirt over text, how to flirt with a girl over text, how to flirt at school, how to kiss a boy in school, how to get a boyfriend in school, types of kisses like the french kiss, spiderman kiss, etc. Hopefully this how to kiss a guy video helps you out if you need some helpful tips! :p

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Let me know if you’ve seen my how to get a boyfriend in school video, and if you need another how to kiss tutorial, or which how to kiss videos are your favorite like how to kiss a boy for the first time, how to kiss a boy for the first time on the lips, how to kiss a guy for the first time, how to kiss for the first time, how to kiss good, or any other kissing challenges or videos you want to see!

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If you’re reading this right now comment below “I practice kissing on my cats!” and let’s confuse everyone in the comments section :p

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  1. Omg that means my crush flirts with me

  2. is he wearing make up or is he just perfect

  3. He's beautiful….💕

  4. Amelie Trustum -Ellard

    I give up at the last second

  5. are y’all dating??

  6. 00:00 to 00:03 that laugh

  7. Innianna Burginsteen

    Lol…… This one guy (I actually don't like him) but he kind of my friend but not really… He hangs with my BFF so he's usually around me…. But he's always just standing their while my friend and I get our things………..so I always make him hold my stuff. It's not cuz I like him it's just cuz he's there and I have too much stuff, so my friend and I pile out things on him. We always say thank you though….. We'll sort of….. We say "good little servant boy!" He fine with it though, he literally has nothing and we have like 10 books….. Lol

  8. ”asked me to do half a dozen kissing videos”

  9. I practices kissing my cat

  10. Schleich Productions 1234

    If your crush is like a friend or you don't mind talking to him or her a good way to touch him or her in a none creepy way is to give them a high five when you pass him or her in the hall ways or any other time you see them.

  11. stranger thingsfan

    That's not a boy that's a man with some nice ass lips

  12. I messed up with my crush now he hates me…also I did some of these to him before I knew your tips…

  13. It looks like he likes you marissa

  14. My grampa's name is james…

  15. I just got a bf today

  16. 03:08 lol…think of Voldemort's hug to Draco!!

  17. I have a crush on Lucas 👀

  18. My dad's name is James…..*AKWARD*

  19. She was so ready to rattle off those compliments to him XD

  20. Are you dating him

  21. Would bonding over the Hamilton soundtrack count as flirting

  22. He is sooooooooooo beautiful

  23. Are you and him boyfriend and girlfriend

  24. Is it bad that I always “academically” flirt, is that bad, and I always do it to the wrong guy

  25. First❤️ 5k❤️

  26. How to shower on your period

  27. I once slapped him pyshical contact.

  28. 🐼🐼🐼❤️❤️❤️

  29. I practice kissing sometimes with my pillow, my stuffed animals or my kitty. #awkward

  30. marissa do u have a boyfreind???

  31. ѕαναииαн∂αωи

    I love Lucas’s voice so much

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