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How to Best Kiss a Girl With Braces

Do you want to kiss your girlfriend, but you are worried about her braces? You can kiss her and make her feel incredible by using these tips. Also, find out if she really wants to kiss you!

Hi, Mary.

Hi Tom, why do you look sad?

Well… you know Jane, my girlfriend, we’ve been dating for weeks now. I have always wanted to kiss her but am afraid that her braces might hinder this.Do you know of any way you could help me?

Oh, that, well first get rid of that miserable look on you, youlook like a half baked cake!

Come on,it can’t be that bad!

It was, believe me…now, first you must ensure that Jane is really ready and actually wants to kiss you.

Huh?!…How will I know this?

Easy, if she really wants to kiss you, she will keep moving her eyes from your mouth up to your eyes and back then she will keep moistening her lips with her tongue. So, pay attention to her face.

That is easy.

Start slowly and kiss her with your lips only at first, don’t be hasty to go for a French kiss.

What is a French kiss?

Shut up and pay attention! Must I tell you everything?


If your lips are a bit dry, you may use gloss to make the whole experience more comfortable.

This is great.

Begin very slowly gently and if you must,apply very little pressure on her lips.


After a second or two, kiss her more passionately, but only use your lips and remember, slowly and softly.

I can almost see it!

Ensure that your lips are parted enough, also, open your mouth enough to ensure your tongue moves between her teeth so that it doesn’t get stuck in the braces. Are you following?

Yes ma’am!

Good. After your tongue is comfortably between her teeth away from her braces, you should be able to explore her mouth. Move the tongue round, the sensation… I’ve given you some pointers, it shouldn’t be very hard now, provided that you have been paying attention.

Yes, I have, I now will be able to do it. Thanks so much Mary,I don’t know what I could do without you!

You could stop kissing!

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