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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice ...


  1. I recently just got a bf and we are both so awkward to make moves that our friends do it for us. We talk all the time but our friends are the ones who like set up plans for us to do stuff. He isn't the most romantic person which is bad for me because im a very…affectionate person.

  2. Why does she have kinesthetic tape on her forearms?

  3. lol good one

  4. "you know what sounds good right now??? steak!"
    no you dumb faggot she wants to hold your hand and youre thinking about eating!? 😂😂😂

  5. Okay so there's this guy and I like him a lot and I'm pretty sure he likes me back! What should I do?! And my friends are trying to get us together and it's kinda working. I want to hold his hand so badly and my mom actually told my teacher that I like him and she said his name (he is in the class) and my teacher said he will try to put us into a group together!!!!!!!!!! When we are in the group should I try to hold his hand?!

  6. travlingirl productions

    When my boyfriend first held my hand, I was in a cosplay that covered my face, hands, and, well you get the idea. I had my "paws" (it was a giant animal cosplay) on the table and we were already leaning on each other. so he took my paw and we held hands. That gave me courage to hold his hand in real life and on the way home we held hands all the way. (It was about an hour trip)



  9. my bfs last name is actually collans i just saw the vampire part of this vid lol

  10. In health class we sit next to each other and we were supposed to be watching a movie but he tapped my like knee and i looked down and his hand was out like he wanted to hold my hand so i put mine on his and we just sat like that until the end of class 🙂 i love him

  11. Stephanie Podlas

    the eyebrows

  12. When me and my boyfriend first held hands we were at his grandpas house in the back room. We were sitting down on the floor and I laid my head on his shoulder and he laid his head on head. Then I got bored of that so I grabbed his hand off of his lap. And that is how me and my boyfriend started to hold hands.😊

  13. My first time was on Friday and we were in home room and he put his hand down cuz we were sitting in chairs then I put mine down and then he reached over and grabbed it.

  14. 😍

  15. my girl frand name is maddlynn my name is collin

  16. Lol…

  17. When my boyfriend first held my hand he wasnt actually my boyfriend😂😂 At a cinema, He told me he liked me and I said I liked him too and then we kissed and I put my hand on the rest thing on the chairs and he slipped his fingers into mine, it felt like a fairytale😍😍😍 We were best friends before we started dating

  18. This is cute! Good job!

  19. I hold my own hand 🙂 FOREVER ALONE

  20. Lexi Christensen

    the first time my boyfriend held my hand he just walked up behind me and grabbed it😍 I love him

  21. hi Nora

  22. 😂😂😂

  23. Lol yea play a date rape song


  25. Don't kink shame

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video 🙂 #paper

  26. Valentina Rodas Chamo

    Like, this is so my first hand-holding LOL

  27. Literally Me and my Girlfriend 😂

  28. so funny

  29. omg this is soo me and my bf😂😂

  30. Me and my bf made a code, i kick his chair leg and he puts his hand out and we hold hands under the table.

  31. Oh my gosh they only got 28 subscribers and I have got 34 Wow!

  32. Sims Freeplay Queen

    Lol now I'm in the mood for Christmas

  33. Kassandra Gonzalez

    how about the bus I've been trying to but it doesn't work he's way too shy and all his friends around him and they keep making fun of us when I sit next to him so yeah try to figure out that and I'm only in 6th grade

  34. See now me and my BF looked nothing like that😂 we were in a movie theatre and he grabbed my hand while leaning in to talk to me😂👏🏼👏🏼

  35. I was nervous but it gets easier.

  36. im going to say to my bf hold my hand if I am wrong but 1+1=1

  37. I'm soooo nervous

  38. Sisters From Other Mothers


  39. why does she have kt tape on her arms that's for athletic purposes I thought????

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