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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice ...


  1. Is this a real movue

  2. The mom should have been more concerned about the cuts on his arm than his dress. 😔 Anyone else noticed?

  3. Can you tell me the name of this film,please?

  4. This is just lovely though because can you imagine if they found each other? The 80s guy would be older sure but they'd be really close I'm sure

  5. The movie is called Closets.

  6. they're in different time and he kissed his dad's young version?? am i getting it right or i'm just f*cked up 😑

  7. who are these two guys? omg

  8. Cel Spellman

  9. I was laughing when he wearing that dress & dancing 😂😂

  10. Insert Aesthetic Name Because Woah

    I cannot stand people who are homophobic like that. Especially to they’re own child. Like, seriously?

  11. The first guys Mom is a super bitch

  12. Geez that dress was tragic..

  13. This was so confusing

  14. I don’t get it did he die

  15. what is this from?

  16. What show is this?

  17. monsterunderyourbed

    Was i the only one who cried???

  18. I'm cryin : v

  19. i want this in my butt


  21. Lia's CreatioNation

    What movie?

  22. I've been there

  23. Rihanna's Beauty room


  24. At the end I hope in the future he can save him 😭😭😭😭cause he had the date on his arm

  25. So is it not a show or short film

  26. It sucks being in the closet.. I don't know why I thought that'd be a happier ending

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