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girl forces boy to have first kiss, he wasn’t ready…

girl forces boy to have first kiss, he wasn’t ready…
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  1. my first kiss is comming soon,i feel it

  2. Im a frikkin Potato i don't need a guy to be happy, just some doritos and a couch

  3. serialgriller4life

    0:22 Zac Efron xD….
    5:40 MattyBRaps xD….

    Also It's just a kiss!! I had my first kiss at age 4 and kissed at least a dozen girls by age 10…. Just do it!!….
    It's really not a big deal at all….

  4. OMG The first clip is in my school xD

  5. hate speech weekly

    I dont remember my.first kiss. Maybe because I never got one somebody licked me before if that counts though

  6. the first guy looks like leafy but with a chin. Their both pussies too

  7. what people don't realize is these are kids filming kid porn kissing scene

  8. My cringeometer is off the scale right now!!

  9. Everyone remembered their first kiss

    Me:ummm sir? You do know I never had a girlfriend? sit in the corner

  10. My first touch kiss was when i was 9 and my first real kiss was when i was 11 with my first gf makes me feel cringy and disgusted to watch this

  11. Gettin that ad revenue with that 10:03 long video eh?
    Good thing I have adblock. Unsubbing from this clickbait bs.

  12. virginity level over 9000.

  13. I'm 15 and haven't had my first kiss yet

  14. If there is a hell this is it

  15. Oh and 58th like 😂😂

  16. I actually think it was quite cute when he kissed her sweatshirt 😊😊

  17. I'm am…


  18. When i was younger my friends told me to close my eyes and i did the girl kissed and screamed no does that count as rape?

  19. i've never had a girlfriend… or a date…

  20. These kids are gay

  21. D I D Y O U K I S S H E R S W E A T S H I R T

  22. Cringe


  24. Thats RAPE!!!!!!!!! those whores are raping those guys!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I've never kissed anyone m8

  26. what if i told you i'm almost 22 years old and never had my first kiss.

  27. I haven't had a fyrst kiss yet…

  28. Christopher De.Battista

    2 minute outro for that sweet sweet ad revenue

  29. What the fuck

  30. I bought a two pound one oh sht wrong kind of kiss

  31. First kiss…?

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