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Francoise Pascal Mind Your Language Best Moments (Funny, Love & Kissing)

This video presents the best moments of Mind Your Language starring Francoise Pascal. Beautiful and Romantic Francoise Pascal is one of the foreign student and major character of funny English Class, she was very romantic in nature and use to flirt with Barry Evans aka Mr. Brown frequently since day 1. Later that romantic and loving nature become trademark of her acting and all the die heart Mind Your Language Fans know her due to famous funny, love and kissing scenes. This video contains more than 20 best scenes of Francoise Pascal in most hilarious manner. hopefully you will enjoy the video and yes there is a quiz for the fans of Mind Your Language and Juan at the end of video, do answer the quiz question and enjoy laughter in these best scenes of Mind Your Language.

In Mind Your Language Mr. Brown (Barry Evans) is doing a funny role of English Teacher In this best of Mind Your Language Funny English Teacher is appointed to teach English to funny English class consist of foreign students. The students are Ali Nadim (Pakistan) Juan (Spain) Anna (Germany) Ranjeet (Punjab) Jamila (India) Max (Greece) Su Lee (China) Taro (Japan) and Max (Italy).

This video is a Tribute to Late Barry Evans & his team on their legendary work of Classic Mind Your language.

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  1. Man French accent is awesome and Sexy.

  2. This is what I have been looking for a long time. Love Danielle💞and thanks for making it. 👍🙌

  3. She's the only one that's alive in the whole cast?

  4. Martina Martina

    Subtitles are ridikulus. They make no sence. It would be better without them.
    Video is awesome, subtitles are horrible.

  5. It almost cover all of the Danial's moment…good work..can u compiled all the moments of Barry Evans as well..??

  6. Giovanni Cupello already dead in 90s

  7. pwulopwul pwutak


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