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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. awwww i have a relation ship liz that its criz

  2. At 0:27 she said im so horny

  3. Alyissa Pickett

    what vlog is 0:48 from???

  4. what is the song called at the end

  5. arunbeway baobao


  6. Chessa is more real

  7. Dasmin Alderete

    Nobody has done at moment at the concert when despacito came chance and Tessa were dancing together then she went straight into his chest

  8. Chess’s is more real

  9. 585 view 14 comeent 98 like yaay 😁😁

  10. Davrielle Goode


  11. Aleeah Estrada Vlogs

    chessa is savage/lit

  12. Arionna Williams

    145 view 45 like

  13. love you guys

  14. So cute!!! Honestly I get little butterfly's or as I call them bubbles in my stomach every time.

  15. Clarissa Suarez

    8 like 2 views 3 comments whaaaat

  16. jeniffer nyombe

    to much kissing just to much just stop

  17. Cool

  18. Madison Sulinski

    I love chessa

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