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Edward&Bella best Kissing Scenes | Top 5 (HD)

BREAKING DAWN TOP 5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxhD_KVP5j8&feature=plcp

songs :
in order
😆 Last Tango in Paris / GOTAN project :
😆 Calamity / Two Steps from Hell :

😆 Monsters / Hurricane Bells

😆 New Moon theme / Alexandre Desplat

😆 Compromise- Bella’s theme / Howard Shore

😆 My Love / Sia

😆 Breathe me / Sia :

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  1. Sofia Samoylova

    you missed one in the new moon when Bella and Edward met each other when he thought she was dead

  2. 72 MistyGirl 48

    He gets me cracking up every time

  3. Kids gtyfegy6y fee Games

    hey man. he is the most part, I have to be patient.i, but it was 😀😑😡😱😢😰😂

  4. Olivia Navarrete

    Time to have another twilight binge session

  5. Almost every person that has watched Twilight has their first kiss first or second on their lists. I love all of them honestly.

  6. Latoya Samuels

    their first kiss was mad nuh bloodclatt asf

  7. SherlockSherlott

    My favorite is that what you have 4, "Maybe rush a little bit." It's just, well I don't know, but it's has always been my favorite (or maybe their first kiss is my favorite).

  8. Beautiful and loving

  9. They are legit the cutest thumbs up if you think so too!

  10. If u marathon all the movies you will cry. I want more :(((

  11. I don't exactly agree with number 2

  12. Shelby Ramirez

    Good afternoon

  13. MysticalNightCat15

    i agree with the kisses

  14. I love number one, it's sooooo romantic!!!!! But in the book its explained better!!!!

  15. cняιѕтιηє

    Jacob be like don't mind me just sitting… watching you guys make out :/

  16. Shelby Ramirez


  17. Alexomar Pelico Mancia

    I love this movie so much

  18. Hannah Abighail Baptiste

    I love this 🙂

  19. damn Edward is hot!

  20. 2:37 she took advantage of him

  21. Cheyenne Kimmel

    I love these kiss scenes I just don't know y

  22. dude he try to purpose to bella on this one video and jacob was right there!

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