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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. Gabriella Luttrell

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  2. This is the best movie kiss in my life😘😘😘

  3. wow I love this movie

  4. OUR WE WAITING FOR barbie?

  5. I 've got more than one year since I tried to assist that film, at the end , it doesn't work .

  6. Hey people! How could I do to watch " dear john " movie complete?

  7. So after dealing with his own autism father, now he need to deal with autism step son and unfaithful girl for the rest of his life? But everyone deserve second chance, i hope she's not ruining it. Love is hurt, Love is stupid, but Love is also forgiving. If you want to feel the sweet of love, you need to be ready to taste the hurt too. Dear John, i feel sorry for you…

  8. When will I be able to kiss someone as passionate as that while sitting on his lap?

  9. Lol, I got a chance to touch my crushes face and ask him about his scar on his face!!! 😂😂 I'm so proud of getting a little taste of movie scenes are like!

  10. Best movie kiss 😘 have the DVD good story 😘 😎

  11. This is why girls want a tall or strong guy: to be picked up. It's so hot 😩

  12. sooo romantic just the way he looks at her sigh


  14. bhuovuhvgvg Lt lt reikia ir ir a lygos rungtynių mirtingumui ir a lyga kuria ir a Utenos kur mokėsi ir neteisėta e ir iš kur tvbjghrwif turtuoliui yra

  15. what's the real name of the actor b

  16. ah it's another kiss in the rain… wish nicholas could be more innovative… with his kiss locations and weather conditions

  17. Channing Tatum is so cute and hot

  18. bbhyhhhyhbnnn

  19. guy. the first 10 seconds of their kiss/ right before it, was exactly how the first kiss of me and the guy I love was like, but I messed it up and now he's dating someone else, and it's weird bc I can go to this movie and it's like I can watch our first kiss all over again

  20. The cutest thing I ever saw in my life 😔😫😍

  21. I wanna kiss a girl passionately just like that!!

  22. l'amour

  23. What is the song?

  24. one of the best movies ever

  25. one of the best movies ever

  26. Isabella Macapagal

    So Channing Tatum kissed Regina George and Karen Smith how about Gretchen Weiners?😂😂

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