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Tactics Every Guy Must Know To Kiss A Girl Passionately

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    fvckin wrong

  3. Autumn Peirson

    I myself am I shy.I hate when he calls to talk to me on the phone, I feel like I have nothing to say and I just go "yup, ok, yeah" And when he starts fliring, all I can say is "aww" or "sweet" too shy to flirt black, just my personality.

  4. Jecky Gaming And Dj

    new channel bro
    i liked this video


  6. i don't think that this is a shy girl's behaviour.

  7. loooool, that's funny

  8. wow… its nice…

  9. Ruoka Rakastaja

    This is me. Im shy, but I have boyfriend and I love him.❤

  10. Sonic The Hedgehog

    this was both hilarious and very true, I just started dating a kind of shy girl and was looking for advice but was pleasantly surprised with a really funny vid. really enjoyed it wish it had more veiws you guys deserve more attention 😁

  11. coollife tricks

    I love my best friends sis. And our community is not that much global abt this… Like love n that what should I do?? I'm too confused..

  12. Sandun Madushanka gayashan

    There are several components to treating shyness naturally. One place I found that successfully combines these is the Seans Shy Program (check it out on google) it's the most useful guide i've heard of. Check out the extraordinary information .

  13. noothat not trur me I'm shy I'm not like that

  14. juicegamer 360

    do you still post?

  15. Brayden Horlacher

    This video was really entertaining I don't understand y u guys don't have more subs????

  16. Busujima- sama

    I really prefer text or chat over cam or facetime as a super shy girl myself haha. This might be me in a relationship.

  17. ɪɪ-ᴀʟ-ǫᴀᴇᴅᴀʜ-ɪɪ

    awesome video I love it, please do more. I subbed and liked.

  18. Cookie Monstrr

    Shy girls don't talk like that much though.. I'm a shy girl my relationship sucks but I love him

  19. Kate Firestone

    This is me

  20. Infinity Sweetz

    the texting heart thing i did that to my crush it was so awkward

  21. Hahahha the FaceTime thing is so true! I won't call or FaceTime 😂

  22. FlawlesseXecutor

    She's gorgeous….but can she cook.

  23. denied lol

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