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Dance Moms: Maddie’s First Kiss (S4, E22) | Lifetime

Abby forces Maddie to have her first kiss with Gino in rehearsal as part of the dance, in this scene from Episode 22 (Kiss Or Get Off The Pot) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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Dance Moms
Season 4
Episode 22
Kiss Or Get Off The Pot

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  1. So she didn't mind kissing Abby but not geno

  2. Awhh

  3. Modern Deadshot

    Lol pause the video right after the kiss and look at Gino' s face

  4. Ja malaga verstehhst!

  5. Caçador de Comunistas

    Carai eu sou um merda mermão

  6. Poor guy😕

  7. I feel bad for gino

  8. Your 1st kiss 💏💑😙😚😗😘


  10. Caitlin Quinones

    He looked so disappointed 😔

  11. I feel so sorry for that boy

  12. If it was Zachary effron

  13. I feel bad for ginormous

  14. I felt bad for gino he looked so akwared

  15. Tracy Macier élève

    Im fil so bad for jino

  16. letty castaneda

    if you watch a closeleeeeey gino smiled after the kiss because in his head he was like shes goin to like me after this kiss buttt 2 days later she rejecteted him
    in video:
    it was gross
    in his head:
    i love her why doesnt she love me!?! i ll go look at my maddie shrine

  17. Gino's reaction to her running from the studio I was just like 😂😂😂

  18. Marini Castillo

    0:47 he wants to get Maddie stomach

  19. Marini Castillo

    0:50 it starts

  20. Marini Castillo

    0:38 he knows he's ready

  21. David Nguyen Tien

    But the true question is! Did they smashed?

  22. KISSSSSS!!!!!!😘😍😗😙😚👄💋👄💋👄

  23. "I would kiss Zac Efron" Maddie 😂😂

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