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The Vampire Diaries Damon & Rebekah – Hot Kissing Moments

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  1. I miss this couple

  2. 1:49 close ur eyes and listen

  3. Well…. rip

  4. 460 like
    460 comment I mean

  5. why ae you gay and cheating?, that's not what Jesus would do.

  6. sister and brother dating lol

  7. they broke up

  8. I just now realize how long they where together…damn

  9. IM CRYING😭😭😭😭😭

  10. So sad there done but i call they're getting back together September 28

  11. Your lucky man

  12. Jaiden_Cricket63 YT

    I'm sad they broke up

  13. You know the hat that was being handed back and forth in the video well it kind of reminds me of the pistol soap and captain price would share in modern warfare modern warfare 2 and finally modern warfare 3


    And they broke up

  15. Y'all are the perfect couples and your perfect for Her and she for you.

  16. "i've been having two"
    "wow that's crazy"

  17. Adrianna wellokaythen

    Awww they are over 🙁

  18. They broke up

  19. This is awkward

  20. Rip Taris😢

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