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  1. They wanted an unconventional ending, I get it. But I never accepted this ending and probably never will.

  2. when I first watched the ending, I was annoyed because I wanted Sarah to remember, but what is good is that after the kiss we do not know whether she did or not. we get to make that decision for ourselves which is really nicee

  3. that moment when you expect captain awesome to be a complete dick but he actually lives up to the name.

  4. I just relived that whole series all over again in under 14 minutes :') so many feels!!!

  5. Luan Fernandes Galvão

    I miss Chuck so much😣😣

  6. I still miss chuck

  7. Casey almost cried at 8:08 lol love this show such a sad ending

  8. the only good thing about her losing her memory is that chuck will be the first in everything for her, and her saying her true name and kissing that fcking shaw is gone forever

  9. Forever missing Chuck

  10. What is the song at 0:57

  11. What show is this

  12. Oh my god those vows!!! #RelationshipGoals

  13. Nothing makes me yearn for love AND makes me want to kill myself more than Chuck

  14. I still miss this series!

  15. awww I MISS THEM SO MUCH

  16. I love this ending cuz it leaves you with your own thoughts! Some people believe she got her memory back after chuck told her their story, but I personally believe that she just refell in love with him. Either way #baegoals

  17. 4:11 this is why General is awesome

  18. That whole part at 0:57 will forever be my fav part of chuck

  19. Whats series is 2:15 thanks 🙂

  20. Didn't watch many episodes of this. I'd even change it to NBC just as it was ending when it was on Monday nights. I did see the finale, two episodes before it, and two or three other eps from the final season or two. I think Linda Hamilton guest-starred as Chuck's mom, and I recall Timothy Dalton guest-starring too. At least Chuck's anecdotes moved Sarah to tears, and she obviously trusted what Chuck told her about Morgan's theory, no matter what happened next. She couldn't have found a better soul mate than Chuck, right? That said, seeing especially that last part again moved me almost to tears. A love like that does sure as hell NOT come along every day. It all started last weekend when I noticed Big Lots had some copies of Season Two of Chuck for $8, I think.

  21. CRIED @ THE END!

  22. In the last episode when she said she would never forget the Pickett fence he shouldve shown her the picture and she would've remembered everything

  23. Jemima A Gallagher H

    I didn't really like it. I think it was stupid to make Sarah lose her memories because they nearly killed her of in season 4 but didn't so why couldn't they the happy ending for once on TV or in real life. but this ending was okay I just have to make up my own ending and the fact she got her memories back during and after the kiss. 

  24. The what's series 04:51 thank you

  25. I miss this show T____T

  26. Ultimate PooLicker

    I love every character on this show but Sarah is my fav character of all time and Chuck and Sarah best tv couple ever

  27. I don't think Yvonne can make me feel any more jealous than I do after watching this! You lucky woman!!

  28. What I liked about the ending is that it was the same ending to the very first episode except role reversal. It was that whole "trust me" thing at the beach. I'm such a sap when it comes to tv show couples. 😉

  29. *released

  30. i feel like all their sexual tension is realized in their kisses

  31. Chuck & Sarah were one of my favourite parts of the show. I really, really hope she remembered everything.

  32. Incredible compilation! Thank you!!

  33. They only ended it like they did just to keep it open, i think its the best way to end such a great show like chuck! If they do make a season 6 or a movie then its obvious she will get her memories back. That is what the show is about. Sign the petition on google if you want more

  34. I'm not crying, I swear!

  35. Season 4 was the best in my opinion. With Chuck and Sarah getting married and all that:')


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