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The Vampire Diaries – Stefan Elena – Kissing moments

All beautiful Stelena moments – kisses, hugs and looks. And mood music 🙂 music: Bloodstream ...


  1. 2:15 when your otp kiss😂

  2. Victoria Hatchote

    Eran mis bias…

  3. Victoria Hatchote

    Me wa a suicidar con el TaeJin…

  4. Por qué cuando se dan un beso hacen como si les diera asco o algo asi .-.

  5. Yumishi Gamer2007

    yucks gsgsjs

  6. Аполинария Фан

    Зачем они у пацанов забирают первые поцелуи?😶😶😶

  7. This Taejin kiss is just a Mother who kisses her son

  8. 3:18– la cara de junkook 😂

  9. Fofura do Taetae V


  10. Extra Plus Ordinary

    3:10 i though my computer broke wtf

  11. Emelie Aichelburg

    JiKook!! ❤❤

  12. Wow so they were talking about each other in their songs

  13. 이게 왜 19

  14. Taejin é lindo? é, mais o jin já é do namjon e o Tae é do hobi

  15. 2:56 wait. when was that?

  16. what are they gay

  17. I wish I was J-Hope


  19. No entiendo nada de lo que dicen XD
    Mi favorito Jin y la estatua 🗿💋😘😂😂😂

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  21. Aliyah Mae Dalangin

    Thats not truessssssssssssssss

  22. 2:56 iiii DESHONRADA TU , DESHONRADA TU VACA !!!!!😬
    Ptm lo queria ver :,v

  23. *All Ships/Names*
    #1: VHope
    #2: TaeJin
    #3: TaeMin
    #3: Vmim
    #4: JungSeok
    #5: TaeMin
    #6: VHope
    #7: JinKook
    #8: JinHope
    #9: JinStatue (;-;)
    #10: RapStatue (;-;)

  24. alyssa kim sierra seok

    at 2:16 jungkookie looks like a girl fangirling v and jhope… haha

  25. 1:06 what's that song?

  26. Omg taejinnnnn is that real?!!!!!

  27. rip headphone users😂😂

  28. those last two kisses had to be my favorite, what a concept. what a ship 😍 namjin who? i only know the boys with that statue.

  29. Dont touch my faceu

    i think its fanservice
    we dont know them personally.
    Who knows how they act after they do this off camera lmao

  30. Nakaktawa jin and jungkook

  31. Waiting for the vkook to kiss ㅠㅠ

  32. 1:35 esa debería ser yo!!!!😫

  33. Fanwars are for idiots

    I like how the members ship each other

  34. 2:15 JK Giggling in the back is me

  35. Taejin is a fake or nah ?

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