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  1. This was weird and funny

  2. Roberto Cavalieri


  3. Meher Productions

    I got a boner watching this

  4. Jordan_Gym_ Gymnastics

    This is a kids show wtf


  6. Daniela singer perez

    no he said fuckboy i heard it 2 times

  7. He only needed two minutes. Lol

  8. I wanted them to have fun

  9. I've recently started marathoning girl meets world, but watching this alone, already tells me boy meets world is better, anyone know where I can find a copy of season 1?

  10. animalcrossing fan

    I didn't even know girl meets world was a sequel of this.lel

  11. I heard fuckboy

  12. I'm cringing so hard

  13. Gemima Longondjo

    Damn he is so happy

  14. This was on Disney….? what's happened to this generation????

  15. (^•_•^)

  16. Life is challenging you

    lol 1:441:50 l o l

  17. how old is this show

  18. Why do people keep saying "This is how Riley was/almost made? Stop saying that!!!!

  19. Dark Wonder Lust

    I wish Shawn was here ??

  20. This was on Disney?

  21. Is Riley their actual daughter

  22. boy meet world is awesome wonderful

  23. Did that cop say fuck boy

  24. Anavictoria Martinez

    and that is how girl meets world was almost made

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