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Black Girls Kiss Asian Guys For the First Time (AMBW & BWAM)

With the dating scene so unfairly imbalanced because of sexual racism, it’s time that Asian men and Black women start looking at each other as potential dating partners. And the surest way to fight stereotypes as to show people of different races emotional and intimately connecting.

So in this social experiment we take Asian studs and pair them with beautiful black females who have never kissed an Asian man. Let the sparks fly for future AMBW couples and relationships!

Chris Wu – https://www.instagram.com/wutini/
George Wang Jr – http://www.wangsworld.com/
Myesha – https://www.instagram.com/myeshadaniels/
Stephanie – https://www.instagram.com/Stephanie_t_silva/

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  1. She Hypnotized him with that kiss😂(red dress )

  2. 0:46 holy shit her mouth is wide

  3. Tony Samsenthai Xaychareun Xayagouman

    I think one of my first love french kiss was with a black women and then with a mexican girl and then with like 4 white girls hehaha the only time ive made out with multiple asian women was at cousins wedding back in 06' hahaha it was pretty awesome ~_♡ wait a min my bad now i remember clearer the first girl i made out with was of Mexican/Tahiti mixed i was 16 =) ♡

  4. Jimin's Beautiful Bratz Doll Lips

    This seems fake lol

  5. 3:59 What the hell did she do to him 😂

  6. the one in the red look like a tranny

  7. the one in the red look like a tranny

  8. I bet Chris' next girlfriends name is Keisha!

  9. Gabriel Matthew 郑卓伟

    Im looking for black woman😜

  10. I dont know but I always feel shy watching Asian or Black people kiss on the television because probbably this two race are so innocent and reserve and show much respect when it comes to anything like this

  11. I’m Asian boy my last girlfriend was black girl

  12. THIS is pornhub who would kiss random girls and guys I guess that's just me, that is not right. And not all black women flirt, jesus!!! Who comes up with this… not even a date first😑. They had sex after the camera was turn off. Wowww… Are they porn stars are actors.

  13. Lol lol even the second couple had me saying woowww lol lol

  14. I'm a black guy and this was pretty good (not offensive at all)

  15. I've always wanted an Asian boyfriend but I'm not sure if my parents would support it.(more my mom than dad)

  16. Asian women are turning into whores cos media are brainwashing them to date out their race. They are also 3x more to marry a white guy. Nothing wrong with dating out of your race, but make sure they treat you right. I've seen a lot of Asian girl getting fucked over by black and white dudes all the time. Especially getting pregnant by them and ending up single, then later on, an Asian guy comes along and guess what? He's taking care of her dumb ass. Swerve!!! It sad that an Asian women in USA don't even like or want to be with their own kimd. I've dated plenty of white girls, but the cultural differences and food is hard to overcome.

  17. that Asian dude with the bruce lee shirt was funny af

  18. As an asian guy! I think both women are hot!

  19. Black women are always put down by the pro white media. Great video

  20. Damn this reach 1 million views…..

  21. More ambf couples, so we get athletic nerdy kids😜

  22. Dorein Paul Emmanuel

    kissing a red camel in black, i mean black camel in red

  23. These Asian men are American Asian Men, not what women really expect to see or meet … go to flushing NY and kiss the 1st Asian man you see lol … No offense I'm part Asian and I know you ppl know what I mean no offense intended …..

  24. Yasaaas!!! I want to try that……

  25. Dude lmaoq

  26. Myesha and Chris were so cute !

  27. Jasmine Ramcharan

    4:00 Bro his face was like me LMFAO 😂😂😂omfg

  28. Kkoreatheempress AyHung

    I am attracted to men period.

  29. The curly girl is so fyneeee!!!
    She’s the typical sistas I go for;) hm if u single and ready to mingle eyyyy!! Haha

  30. that was 2 asian men, 1 black woman, and 1 black men

  31. Wow 😎 Hot kisses! Btw, Stephanie (floral top) is biracial or half-Black and Myeisha (red dress) is Black.

  32. The girl with the curly hair is mixed not black.

  33. Black women and Asian men are the least desirable in each category so they gave up and are hooking up with each other.

  34. After seeing this, I truly want to kiss an Asian guy 😘!

  35. The girl in red is not kissable to me..

  36. this video is ridiculous honestly 😅

    and awkward asf to watch

  37. OMG feeling like a third wheel here 😂

  38. what the fuck im watching it's 3.00 am here

  39. 3:42 side view that girl looks like sommer rayyyy❤❤❤ dang you're sooo pretttyyyy

  40. Rarely see Chocolate getting mixed with Lemon

  41. this made me blush a hole lot. and that Chinese dude kissing the women in the red he doesn't know if is really kissing a guy or women

  42. Queen_Of_Domination

    Big deal! I’ve fucked with Asian guys in the past. Dick is dick at the end of the day.

  43. Myesha kissed the breaks off Chris #blackgirlmagic #blackandyellow

  44. Lashonda Malveaux

    Black queen in red sucked the living hell outta that asian

  45. red women looks like black horse but the second one is beautiful

  46. ZEALION Tha Issue

    Let's see asian woman and black men.

  47. I was hoping the opposite people would

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