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  1. Which song is it??
    Somebody please let me know😍😍

  2. any hot girls house wife who want full satisfied soo call me 7347570637

  3. I bet most of y'all watching this are single as fuck

  4. Μωρη καριολα γαμω την Αυστραλία σου τι μου εκανες γαμω το σπιτι σου εδω κατέληξα να ακουω και να βλεπω σκηνές

  5. i need myself a allie!

  6. Hello lonely people that don't have a relationship 👋🏻

  7. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  8. the song in the background… i dont get a word, but just the feel. i'm in love with them even more because of the song, the feel is just amazing.

  9. Still never watched the notebook…👀

  10. Liezel Mae Alvarado

    I want a guy like NoAh…ahhh

  11. Noah dude wtf

  12. شوضع الي جاي من حبيب ساره الي خانها؟😂😭🔪🚶💔

  13. IntergalacticLOVE

    damn this guy is so hot!

  14. The Ferris Wheel scene is not romantic at all. It's disgusting and annoying. I would've let him fall.

  15. I had a few glasses of wine while I was watching this movie. I sobbed so hard towards the end. It was a highly emotional experience for me. I think the wine made it worse… but boy was it good- both the wine and the movie!

  16. Its not that this stuff is not real, its that that part only last 6 months to 2 years if its a constant relationship. Then you hear a woman say " I love him but not "in love" with him anymore". People are in love with love more than the person. Humans are flawed and relationships take a lot of work….to many people having babies with no clue of this reality. With all the science and knowledge in any field today, yet we are possibly worse off than ever for the reality of a committed relationship. Just sayin.

  17. Such a good movie

  18. i am team emma stone 😂

  19. Fuck, I'm gonna die alone…

  20. Noah just look like roman atwood

  21. What's the name of this song? 😍🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼I need to know

  22. she wasted a perfectly good ice cream

  23. Regina George lol

  24. It's so sad cause the old version of Noah I really dead, he died in 2014 aged 86… the old version of Allie is now 86 (the same age as Noah senior when he died) so if she dies my life is a mistake

  25. I love this movie!

  26. When he reminds you of bae…. And you're missing bae…ugh

  27. Dartessa Sarahani

    Just miss watching this movie. I'll find time to watch this again. One of the best. ☺

  28. Jimena Ailin BERASAY ANAQUIN

    Un amor así… ❤

  29. so passionate!I can actually feel it

  30. the song pleas

  31. the first scene bothers me because it shows that guys can take a no as a yes

  32. yeah that's great Mrs Robert

  33. And karma nailed her in the end.

  34. Light 夜神 月

    One of the most beautiful film I have ever seen.

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